110th Anniversary of the First International Statute of Past Pupils of Don Bosco

08 December 2021
Malta – 110th Anniversary of the First International Statute of Past Pupils of Don Bosco

(ANS – Sliema) – On the 8th December 2021, the World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco marked 110th Anniversary of the first International Statute.  The newly elected World President, Bryan Magro, in a video message to all past pupils and friends emphasised that on this day they commemorated two important occasions.

The first is the beginning of Don Bosco’s educational and pastoral project and he appealed to past pupils and friends to commit their efforts to support young people especially those who are “poor, abandoned and in danger”.

On the feast of Mary Immaculate, the World Confederation also marked the 110th Anniversary when under the inspiration of Blessed Philip Rinaldi, past pupils from 22 countries gathered in Valsalice for the First International Congress for Past Pupils and, on the 8th December 1911, the first international statute was approved.  Mr. Bryan Magro said “This is a significant day for past pupils and friends of Don Bosco and while appreciating and celebrating our roots, we also need to reflect and discern the present and together shape the future.”

He appealed to continue our discernment on what kind past pupils we want to be for the 21st century? which was the theme of the 6th General Assembly held online on the 26th to 28th November.

The new World President concluded his message “We need to journey together to learn how to be ‘the salt of the earth, and the light of the world’”.

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