30th Sunday of Ordinary Time


30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

October 23, 2016



From the Word of the Day

He shows no partiality to the weak but hears the grievance of the oppressed.  He does not forsake the cry of the orphan, nor the widow when she pours out her complaint. Do not the tears that stream down her cheek cry out against the one that causes them to fall?  Those who serve God to please him are accepted, their petition reaches the clouds. The prayer of the lowly pierces the clouds; it does not rest till it reaches its goal; nor will it withdraw till the Most High respond

(Sirach 35: 16-21)


 How should we live this Word    

We find expressions from the Book of Sirach almost daily on the lips of Pope Francis, especially in this Year of Mercy.  We hear it repeated continually that our God is a Father who manifests His presence to the little ones, the abandoned, the rejected of society, the abused.  The orphan and widow of those times are now the immigrants, the earthquake victims, the violated, and the abandoned of today.

We too at times feel alone, without words, unjustly criticized.  We strongly feel our limitations; we seem to have empty and useless hands.  We are tempted to lose hope.  Instead, we must believe that there is always a Father who helps us, who knows us intimately, who does not demand great things of us, but only abandonment to His love.

Today, I will express my trust with the Words of the Apostle Paul:  I know in Whom I have believed, in Whom I have placed my trust. 

The voice of Simeon the New Theologian 

Do not delay, O merciful one, do take Your eyes from me, You who knows how to be compassionate, do not forget the one who desires You with all his thirst and all his soul.  Do not deprive me of life, however unworthy I am, do not abandon me.  I take refuge on Your heart; I entrust myself to Your mercy.


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Comment by Sr. Graziella Curti, FMA


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