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Dear Friend,

~ Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

This month’s edition of Conversations with Cardinal Burke comes during dynamic, intense and trying times effecting every one of us.

I imagine you are as bewildered as I am seeing the confluence of crises and overlapping emergencies erupting in 2020. And could you imagine even ten or fifteen years ago that we would see an anti-American movement where people carry a disdain for standing for the National Anthem or having schoolchildren recite in class the Pledge of Allegiance?  Much less, a shocking degree of disregard for law and order in society.

It is becoming more apparent the world has enjoyed unprecedented economic development and relative peace and stability as a result of having international order. The current order was born from the ashes of the second world war. This order was born from the ashes of the first world war and was hard earned costing the world one hundred and fifty million lives who were lost over the course of the 31-year period of what was a great power war from 1914-1945.

Two other examples of international order established on the Continent of Europe were from 1648-1750 and another period from 1815-1914.  Note that during both times, order lasted about one hundred years. We are now in the seventy-fifth year of the current order and it is under stress.

This is conversation of generational importance. Please join the conversation now and share with all of your friends and family.

Integral to the current order is the United States. Showing signs of instability, the recent medical crisis has cost over 100,000 American lives stressing our economy and our health system as well as threatening the social fabric of our communities. We are watching the destruction of our patriotic dreams in America as violence and hate-filled language fills our streets, property is vandalized and destroyed, and protesters topple historic statues across the country. Now, there are calls to defund the police and a groundswell of pressure is mounting on authorities to remove all monuments with any connection to slavery and colonialism. After 141 years in Boston, a commission voted

A statue of Christopher Columbus was toppled by protesters in StPaul, Minnesota | GETTY IMAGES

‘unanimously’ to remove a statue of former President Abraham Lincoln freeing a slave. On the heels of demonstrators tearing down a statue of the Catholic missionary St. Junipero Serra, crews removed statues of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella from Columbus, Ohio’s City Hall.

“The upheavals of the current day should challenge us to recall our basic vision of what it   means to be a just society. In the face of all the chaos before us – grave injustices like abuse of power, anarchical riots, destruction of property and theft – we must reaffirm the truths our Church teaches about the divine and social order.”

– His Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Burke

My friends, we are in revolutionary times. I learned over the course of many years from my mentor, Brazilian intellectual and Catholic Activist, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira who denounced other godless revolutions such as Nazism and communist totalitarianism, there are consistent tendencies which seek to undertake a process to auto demolish the Catholic Church with the ultimate intention to destroy Christian civilization proven to be the framework where people and the common good flourish .

We must realize now that if there is disorder, the first thing to do is to restore order.  In my exclusive interview with His Eminence, we take a deep dive into the realities we are experiencing to reset a proper and mature context and examine why our Catholic faith is the true force for good in the world and the sole solution for these times.

Amid the confusion in society, we must do our part to share with the world the wisdom we learn receive from the Catholic Church especially found in our faith and traditions.

This is conversation of generational importance. I look forward to you joining the conversation now and hearing any comments and takeaways you have. Also, please ask your friends and family to watch this interview and to like, share, subscribe, follow, and support authentic voices like His Eminence on social media.

May Our Lady of the Rosary help you and bless you and your loved ones. And may She grant you the grace to come ever closer to Her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

Thomas J. McKenna
Founder and President

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