A virtuous chain from Cambodia to Chile

Source: austraLasia – 4739(III)_A virtuous chain from Cambodia to Chile

EAO, 27 May 2018 — Since last January the animation materials for the Salesian Mission Day 2018, with the theme ‘Whispering the Gospel’ in Asia – context of the Vocation Training Center and Technical schools, are available in the digital form all around the world in six languages: Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Polish. [NB Unfortunately not yet all EAO provinces received them in paper copy]

Due to the VTC background, the 2018 Salesian Mission Day (SMD) highlighted the Salesian Brothers as ‘Missionaries in short sleeves’ present in the workshops or classes amidst the working youth. The animation booklet reports story and interview with 3 EAO Salesian missionary Brothers – Br. Andrew Phuong (Mongolia), Br. Louis Parolin (Philippines) and Br. Roberto Panetto (Cambodia).

Just few days ago Fr. Guillermo Basanes, the General Councilor for the Missions received during his extraordinary visitation of Chile province: “What we have sown with patience and tears, now brings some fruits! – one Salesian Brother asked me if he could become a Salesian missionary. And he confessed to be inspired by the article in the SMD 2018 (page 32) and told me: “I would like to become expert in ‘whispering the Gospel’ among the young people!”

It’s a good encouragement for our EAO missionary Brothers featured in this SMD 2018 animation booklet. One of the three EAO Brothers reflects: “Thank for sharing such good news to us in Cambodia. Praise God and honor to Mamma Mary for such great gift to the Church Mission toward the end of her feast.” And his Delegate Superior adds: “Thanks to the Holy Spirit making miracles. I hope will be a good Salesian missionary… Let us give thanks to the good Lord… Let him come to Cambodia…!”


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