About This Site

The Don Bosco Salesian Portal website is meant to be a resource that simplifies the process and minimizes the time spent in searching for Church and Salesian information, news, and contacts and a boon to communication among us by providing:

    • links to:
      • the websites of the Family Members serving in the eastern USA and in Canada
      • select international Salesian Family websites, hallmarking the Official Family Groups, Movements, and Associations
      • select websites for other groups following the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales
      • select websites of the Church Universal – especially of the Magisterium and those dealing with youth
      • places to purchase “Salesian stuff”;
    • a unified, set place for finding, posting, and subscribing to Salesian Family and Church e-publications and media to stay up-to-date with what is currently happening in these realms, especially as regards the young;
    • useful and informative, quick-reference, interactive visuals, including:
      • a map of our presences within the eastern USA and in Canada
      • an all-encompassing calendar of major Church and Family events;
    • archives of all types of homemade pastoral resources (skits, worksheets, puzzles, power points, booklets, etc., etc., etc.,) to use in our Salesian apostolate, formation, prayer, and personal life – and the place to share such resources that you have made or found useful:
      • Prayer Experiences
      • Formation Materials
      • Catechetical Aids
      • Educational Aids
      • Fun and Games
      • Clip Art;
    • a place to interact with other members of the Family.

Although we do not intend to make this a completely multi-lingual site, as useful as that would be, still we have indicated, using country flags, the major languages that the linked sites provide.  The Vatican flag indicates that there are also resources/pages in Latin on that site. The Pastoral Resources archive will contain materials in various languages, as will some postings. If you have some resource to share in any language, we’d love to have you share it through us! May you find this site an invaluable resource for all things Salesian!