Seventh Sunday of Easter Time
June 2, 2019

WORD of the DAY

You are witnesses of these things.. (Luke 24: 48) )

How shall I live this Word?

A fact, its effects: the fact is death, followed by the resurrection of Jesus. The latter, partly demonstrable, partly mysterious, ambiguous, beyond our ken. The effect is preaching in the name of Jesus that creates conversion and the forgiveness of sins. The apostles, witnesses of the earthly life of Jesus who had shared words, days, miracles, promises with Him, are now witnesses of these new facts and above all of their effects. They are witnesses, Jesus reminds them and reaffirms them as such.
They receive this mandate at the moment of their final detachment from Jesus as He ascends to the Father. Their eyes have seen things never seen before; they have been spectators of exceptional events. They are now also guarantors of the authenticity of the effects that those facts have produced. Real facts and a change just as true.
The courage to tell this novelty, to inform others of what was happening will cost them their lives. Theirs is a testimony that will have to pass through their radical and effective conversion, it will have to pass through their being forgiven which will produce in them the ability to forgive and allow the NOVELTY to extend itself in time and space.

Lord, grant that we may understand what it means today to be witnesses Your witnesses, of Your resurrection, of Your forgiveness.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
Come Holy Spirit, send us a ray of Your light from Heaven. Come Father of the poor, come, bearer of gifts; come, Light of hearts.

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