At work for the Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2022

RMG – At work for the Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2022

20 October 2021

(ANS – Rome) – The Salesian Family Spirituality Days are an unmissable event for those who, despite the multiplicity of different charisms, recognize Don Bosco as a beacon and guide for their life and mission in the Church and in society. In fact, they have been going on for 40 years and were also held last year, albeit with the necessary changes and attention, at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic showed its toughest face. Currently, the Secretariat for the Salesian Family, led by the Central Delegate of the Rector Major, Fr Joan Lluís Playà, is working on the next edition, which will be held in mixed mode – in presence in Turin-Valdocco, and with digital platforms – from 13 to 16 January 2022.

Per tradition, the Spirituality Days, on a thematic level, will serve to deepen the message of the Rector Major’s Strenna for the new year. The guideline, therefore, will be drawn on the basis of the motto already announced last July by the Rector Major – “Do all through love, nothing through constraint” – a theme drawn from the wisdom of St. Francis de Sales, the Genevan bishop who Pope Pius IX proclaimed as a Doctor of the Church.

“In this way, we will approach the core of the spirituality of the saint who strongly inspired Don Bosco. This year is particularly significant because we observe the fourth centenary of the death of St Francis de Sales (1622-2022). It will undoubtedly be a precious experience for the Salesian Family worldwide. A good coordination by the local Provincials and their Councils will be decisive in helping all of us to feel and share the Salesian spirit which has its origin in the Saint of Annecy,” explained Fr Joan Lluís.

As in 2021, also for the ‘GSFS 2022’, the fortieth anniversary in Salesian history, there will be three different “levels” of participation: one global, regional and the local levels.

The program of the “world” level will be broadcast live from Turin every day from 13:00 to 15:00 Italian time (UTC + 1). Around 250 people are expected to participate in the in presence in the event at Valdocco, representing the 32 groups that make up the great tree of the Salesian Family. The event will begin on Thursday 13 and will end on Sunday 16, with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime. All information (program, registration link and all other resources) will be provided at: 

The “regional” program will be broadcast from the venue chosen by each Region. The specific moments of this level will be organized by the regional teams and their coordinators will send members all the information necessary to participate in the various events planned in their respective regions: America (a single region for Interamerica and America South Cone); Africa and Madagascar; Mediterranean; North Eastern Europe; South Asia; East Asia and Oceania.

“If the Salesian Family Councils or Provincial Councils wish, and are able to hold some meetings in presence, they will obviously be free to do so. Celebrating the Eucharist together, communicating experiences, reflecting on the theme of the local reality, living together joyfully … these are all initiatives that will undoubtedly foster the family spirit among the local groups,” explained Fr Joan Lluís.

In any case, even for those who follow the broadcasts exclusively from a distance, Fr Joan Lluís reassures: “We will still be able to live and share moments of fraternal and festive coexistence.”

By Salesian Family EAO steering group

       EAO, 20 October 2021 — Three months before the second hybrid (online & in-person) edition of the World SF Spirituality Days in January 2022, the EAO Salesian Family steering committee is busy working. What is the main goal? The fruitful participation and involvement of all 16 SF groups in our Region in view of the 14-17 January 2022 online event.

       Next year, the SF spirituality days will be held in person at Valdocco, Turin, Italy (13-16 January ) with online involvement all around the world, based on the Strenna 2022 theme: “Do all things through love, nothing through constraint” (St Francis de Sales, 1622-2022)

       During the first two meetings, the steering committee comprising 8 members, with the animation of EAO regional councilor, Fr Joseph Phuoc, SDB, discerned the framework of the EAO level Salesian Spirituality Days. During the four day world level event (13-16 January 2022) the EAO region, building on the evaluation of the first online version (2021) will invite the Salesian Family members to do the following:

  • Encourage registration of more SF members than in 2021, especially from the ‘marginalized groups in the respective provinces’ (DB Past Pupils or FMA Past Pupils, senior Salesian Cooperators or senior ADMA and the Michaelites)
  • Day 1 (13 Jan) around the Strenna 2022 presentation and Day 4 (16 Jan) with the final Eucharist with the Rector Major will not involve the EAO level events. These are concentrated in two sessions of 2 hours on Day 2 and 3 (14-15 Jan)
  • Simultaneous interpretation (LIVE Zoom) will be for all 4 days in the 8 EAO languages (both world and EAO regional level)
  • LIVE streaming on the zoom platform in the 8 EAO languages will remain on the 8 respective YouTube channels (EAO Salesian Family) as already happened during the recent DB Past Pupils (June 2021) and ADMA (September 2021) Congresses online
  • EAO (14 Jan) regional program: St Francis de Sales and EAO (15 Jan) regional program: Salesian Family Identity Charter
  • In order to facilitate more effective registration and organization, the point of reference for each Province or Delegation would be their SDB delegates for the Salesian Family (EAO regional coordinator for the SF – Fr Mario do Rosario Costa, TLS vice-province.
  • SF formation houses (especially the SDB!) would be also more deeply involved in the whole preparation process and participation.

       Your prayers for the organizers and help for outreach to the currently uninvolved members of the Salesian Family are highly appreciated!

       SF Identity Charter related animation materials:


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Towards 2022 Salesian Family Spirituality Days in the EAO Region

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