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Sr. Ofelia Lozano, FMA – RIP

Sr. Ofelia Lozano, FMA, age 95, passed away July 8, 2020 in San Antonio, TX.  She was born in Laredo, TX.  Sister was preceded in death by her parents, Rafael Lozano and Virginia Gonzalez, her 5 brothers and 2 sisters and is survived by numerous cousins, nieces and nephews. Sr. Ofelia excelled as a 2nd Grade teacher, catechist, and assistant to resident students in Tampa, FL. She taught 2nd Grade in Elizabeth, NJ, Laredo, and San Antonio, TX.  Sr. Ofelia captivated everyone with her cheerful story-telling and witty sense of humor. She will be greatly missed by all she ministered to, her family, her providers, especially by her religious Sisters who loved her dearly. Due to the COVID-19, the Rosary and Mass will be live-streamed on the Province Facebook page:  Salesian Sisters West Rosary Sunday, July 12th at 5:00 P.M. and Mass Monday, July 13th at 8:00 A.M. Donations in memory of Sr. Ofelia may be sent to the Salesian Sisters to support young women preparing to be Salesian Sisters at:  Formation Program, 6019 Buena Vista St. San Antonio, TX 78237.  Thank you.   Express condolences at www.theangelusfuneralhome.com Arrangements by: The Angelus Funeral... read more

Pray AND Take a Stand for Our Country

Join the Conversation with Cardinal Raymond Burke! Dear Friend, ~ Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. This month’s edition of Conversations with Cardinal Burke comes during dynamic, intense and trying times effecting every one of us. I imagine you are as bewildered as I am seeing the confluence of crises and overlapping emergencies erupting in 2020. And could you imagine even ten or fifteen years ago that we would see an anti-American movement where people carry a disdain for standing for the National Anthem or having schoolchildren recite in class the Pledge of Allegiance?  Much less, a shocking degree of disregard for law and order in society. It is becoming more apparent the world has enjoyed unprecedented economic development and relative peace and stability as a result of having international order. The current order was born from the ashes of the second world war. This order was born from the ashes of the first world war and was hard earned costing the world one hundred and fifty million lives who were lost over the course of the 31-year period of what was a great power war from 1914-1945. Two other examples of international order established on the Continent of Europe were from 1648-1750 and another period from 1815-1914.  Note that during both times, order lasted about one hundred years. We are now in the seventy-fifth year of the current order and it is under stress. This is conversation of generational importance. Please join the conversation now and share with all of your friends and family. Integral to the current order is the... read more

How do the Past Pupils of Don Bosco communicate?

DB Past Pupils Magazines and Newsletters By EXDB EAO Region, 12 July 2020 — The 150th Jubilee Year (24 June 2020-2021) of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco offers a good opportunity to get to know the largest but actually not as well-known group of the Salesian Family better. While the Italian version of their magazine ‘Voci Fraterne’ (Fraternal voices) celebrates 100 years of history, probably the most consistent Past Pupils newspaper (semestral edition, no. 128) is about to celebrate some 50 years: ‘A Friend’ (벗) published by the South Korea, Gwangju Salesian School Association of our Past Pupils, or perhaps it is the Macau ‘Instituto Salesiano’ newsletter (no. 220). At world level the quarterly digital publication ‘Newsflash’ in 5 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French) will soon celebrate its 10th year. What are the communications media? Almost all local centres, country or province federations have their own Facebook page or website: ASIA and OCEANIA INDIA (National) PHILIPPINES(National) PHILIPPINES (South) PAKISTAN KOREA(Gwangju Salesian HS – Seoul past pupils) NEW ZEALAND EUROPE ITALY SPAIN SLOVAKIA PORTUGAL What can we learn from reading Past Pupil newsletters, magazines or their websites? Probably the first lesson is knowing WHO our Past Pupils are: it is not only about Don Bosco/Salesian school graduates, but about any person that treasures the gift of Don Bosco from the education they have received. In Slovakia there is only one TVET (Vocation training centre) but there are no fewer than 14 local Past Pupil centres, with 700 registered members. In many cases they are our former Oratory – Youth Centre leaders or volunteers. A second attractive element –... read more
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