Italie – « Les jeunes, la foi et le discernement ». Le Père Attard parle à la Consulte de la Famille Salésienne

Italie – « Les jeunes, la foi et le discernement ». Le Père Attard parle à la Consulte de la Famille Salésienne 23 mai 2017 (ANS – Turin) – La mission de l’Eglise de proclamer la joie de l’Evangile, par rapport à la mission spécifique de la Famille Salésienne : l’annoncer aux jeunes, en les aidant à faire des merveilles avec leur propre existence. C’est le thème dont le Père Fabio Attard, Conseiller Général pour la Pastorale des Jeunes des Salésiens, a parlé hier, lundi 22 mai, à la Consulte Mondiale de la Famille Salésienne, qui se termine aujourd’hui à Turin.Le Père Attard, avec Sr. Maria Teresa Spiga, Professeur à l’« Auxilium » des FMA à Rome, a présenté le thème du prochain Synode des évêques: « Les jeunes, la foi et le discernement », en approfondissant d’une manière particulière le Document Préparatoire du Synode.Dans son exposé le Père Attard a expliqué comment le document servira à susciter une consultation dans toute l’Église, plutôt qu’à fournir déjà des réponses, et il a donné un aperçu du chemin le long duquel se déroulera le prochain Synode (octobre 2018). En suite, en prenant la structure du Document Préparatoire, il a décrit la dynamique sociale et culturelle de base des jeunes d’aujourd’hui: l’incertitude, la culture scientifique, les sociétés multiculturelles et multiconfessionnelles, le désir de participer à la recherche de points de référence, l’iperconnexion …De même, il approfondit les étapes de base du processus de discernement vocationnel. Tout d’abord il a rappelé la sagesse de l’Église d’Orient, à travers la référence à ce qu’on appelle les « trois naissances »: la physique, la naissance par le... read more

When Don Bosco started talking about the wish to honor the Virgin as “Auxilium Christianorum”

When Don Bosco started talking about the wish to honor the Virgin as “Auxilium Christianorum” 24 May 2017 (ANS – Rome) – When did Don Bosco begin to talk and write about the wish to honor the Most Holy Virgin Mary, by invoking her with the title of Help of Christians? It is a question that comes back every time that this big feast is celebrated around the world.By Fr Fedele Giraudi, SDBStarted in March 1853 the “Catholic Readings” series, Don Bosco also published in 1854 the “Gentleman”, an almanac intended for subscribers and readers. It was only in the booklet for the year 1860 that the “Gentleman” noticed for the first time on May 24: “Blessed Virgin Help of Christians”.In the 1861 booklet next to May 24, Don Bosco wished to be written: “The Most Holy Virgin with the well-deserved title of Help of Christians, Auxilium Christianorum”, thus preventing all the popular almanacs from pointing out, without ever ceasing, the day fixed by the Church for such anniversary. (…)In fact, Our Lady began to be present in his dreams with the title of Help of Christians. On the evening of May 30, 1862, Don Bosco told to his young people about the dream of the two columns in the midst of the sea, that is shown today in a picture that is in the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians. Above one of the columns, he told that he had seen the statue of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, at whose foot there was a big signboard with these words: Auxilium Christianorum.A few months later, one evening in December 1862, to... read more

Sixth Saturday of Eastertide

  FRIENDS and SERVANTS of the WORD May 27, 2017 SIXTH SATURDAY OF EASTERTIDE     WORD of the DAY  Until now you have not asked anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.    (John 16 : 24) How shall I live this Word? What Jesus really holds dear to His heart is our joy!  However, it is not a generic joy, but the fullness of joy.  He is the Mediator between us and the Father to obtain for us the same Spirit, the font of true joy.  He is the Spirit of Love between the Father and the Son.  What can fill us with more joy than to feel we are loved by God, with the same Love of the Father and the Son? Lord, help me to let myself be loved by You!  Amen.   The Voice of St. Augustine  – Comment on the Gospel of John  “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.  This complete joy of which He speaks is certainly not a carnal joy, but a spiritual joy.  It will be complete only when there will be nothing else to add.  Thus, whatever we ask in line with this joy, we must ask in the name of Christ, if we really believe in the value of divine grace; if we really ask for the life of the blessed.  To ask for something else, is to ask for nothing; not because everything else is nothing, but because whatever else we can... read more

Sierra Leone – Orphans, Abused Minors, Street Children, Detainees, Sex-Slaves… The work of the Salesians for Them

Sierra Leone – Orphans, Abused Minors, Street Children, Detainees, Sex-Slaves… The work of the Salesians for Them 25 May 2017 (ANS – Freetown) – Three years ago Sierra Leone was mentioned in the media all over the world as the country where people died of Ebola. “The truth – the Spanish daily ‘El Mundo’ wrote – is that Sierra Leone is sinking into oblivion and only a smaller number of NGOs remain in the zone”. While media and international organizations seem to have forgotten, Salesians did not leave any room to oblivion, abandonment and despair. The Salesian Mission Procure of Madrid and the Sons of Don Bosco continue to help and work to secure a future to children and young Alberto LópezThe members of the Salesian Mission Procure of Madrid returned to Sierra Leone, two years after the end of the Ebola epidemic that killed thousands of people and left many orphans. Now the objective is to prove that today more than ever an aid is important and necessary and that the work of the Salesians is more intense just because of the halt the country is suffering from. What was said is true: Sierra Leone lives on!This is a country where those who reach 50 years of age are considered survivors, elderly, with a low life expectancy. It is a country where a cruel civil war left its mark on several generations. It is a country where 75% of the population is below 25 years of age.However, Salesians have not lost faith, nor hope, nor even less love for their neighbour: poor and vulnerable young people.With the sole... read more

Strenna 2017: “Parents must promote the ethical formation of their children”

RMG – Strenna 2017: “Parents must promote the ethical formation of their children” 25 May 2017 (ANS – Rome) – In the Strenna 2017, the Rector Major, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, explained that love has various shades and responsibilities, and one of these is strengthening the education of their children. “Parents – the Rector Major insists – always have an influence on the moral growth of their children, for better or for worse. This educative mission of the family is important and complex”.Lily, a fifteen-months-old child, is sitting on the trolley at the supermarket, her eyes fixed on the iPad. Her mother is busy doing the shopping. Lily does not notice the shiny red apples nor the large display of Cheerios, her preferred cereals, on the shelf.Every day, after school, Jason, a third elementary child, rushes in front of the TV, and there he will remain for five hours, until he goes to bed.Melissa, a sixteen year-old girl, is attending the third year of her senior high school. Last month she sent 3500 SMSs (about 110 messages per day).Regretfully, these situations are not unusual. Actually they have become normal in a world that orbits around monitors. In order to get the attention of a youngster, nowadays one must compete with a smartphone. «What can we do?» parents ask. «If we tell them we would like to do something together, we quarrel, and soon afterwards they get back to their gadgets».Today, more than ever in history, it is necessary to have the sense of Don Bosco for education.Education is positive. Parents are not only the guardians of the mind and soul... read more

Trust the Road

Trust the Road 24 May 2017 Towards the end of the Summer term, in secondary schools throughout the country, students in their last year of compulsory education take leave of their school. They are at a crossroad in their lives. They face the road ahead with mixed feelings, outwardly delighted to be free of the discipline of school, inwardly apprehensive of the road ahead. The staff of the school has served them well for five or more years and now wishes them God speed on their journey. Many schools now have the opportunity to offer their departing pupils a roadmap for the way ahead. That road map is the book Trust the Road.“Trust the Road”, a book by Fr David O’Malley, comes from a Salesian tradition, inspired by the gentle humanism of St Francis de Sales. He would encourage you to trust the goodness within you and in those around you, and walk hand-in-hand with that hidden God who knows the road even when it goes towards the cross and through to new life.”…is an ideal gift as a memento of school and an encouragement to think about life’s issues in the future.” John Russell, Lay Chaplain, St Andrew’s and St Bride’s High School, East Kilbride”… encourages them [young people] to trust in God and is an extension of the advice and preparation we have given them during their time at school.” Keith Williams, Headteacher, The Campion School, Essex”…[is given] to all of our S6 at a leaving Mass on their final day of school before exams. […] We hope that they will turn to this book for support... read more

Against the Human Trafficking in Australia

Salesian Brother involved in the Advocacy against Human TraffickingBy Bro. David O’Brien, SDBMelbourne, Australia, 27 May 2017 — In 2010 I had a sabbatical year in New Mexico (USA), a place called Sangre De Cristo. Fr Michael Crosby OFM Capuchin was one of the speakers. He struck deeply in my heart: “We need to do justice not just talk it!” That made me think, so when I got back to Australia I thought I should make some contact perhaps with a group working with refugees. However a sister who was also on the Sangre De Cristo sabbatical program Sr Tania De Jong (Good Shepherd Sister) told me about ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against the Trafficking of Humans), I was invited and so began my apostolate.ACRATH was started in 2005 as a direct result of the CRA (Catholic Religious Australia) and the awareness of the problem of Human Trafficking. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd, St. Brigide Sisters, Franciscan sisters of the divine Motherhood, Presentation Sisters, Sister of Charity, Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of St Joseph were the pioneers. Later became involved also lay people and other male religious including a Christian Brother and one Salesian of Don Bosco.With ACRATH we are involved in action on behalf of Trafficked people like:Engaging in a broad-based community education campaignAdvocacy and lobbying for visa reform based on human rights for all survivors of traffickingEstablishing safe housesBuilding NGO and support agency networks in the Asia Pacific regionSupporting Millennium Development Goal (MDG) initiatives to reduce poverty and hence reduce the vulnerability to trafficking in source countries.Investigating ways of supporting... read more

La rivincita dei papà?

La scienza torna ad occuparsi della figura paterna, ed è specialmente il mondo anglofono che si interroga, laddove infatti il tema delle rotture familiari è assai più forte che nell’Europa me… Source: La rivincita dei... read more
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