Magone inspires the life of young people today

By Our Own Correspondent Liloan – Cebu, the Philippines, 20 February 2019 — Since 2010 when the Magone Home Aftercare Program first opened, more than 150 young marginalized people have been transformed thanks to this new Don Bosco ministry in Cebu. Together with the Boys Home, Parish, Vocational Training Center, High School and Youth Center, this Program offers an integral environment for many youth in conflict with the law for a solid renewal of their life. Thanks to the commitment of the Salesians, Past Pupils from the Don Bosco Home (some of them are on the staff at Magone), well qualified staff involving social workers, psychologists and networking with many government and other civil authorities, most of the ‘clients’ of Magone have been able to start a new life. Up to this point, this is the only Salesian ministry of the kind in the two Filipino Salesian provinces. Listening to the batch 11 boys (who entered this program last year, 2018) offers deep insight into the healing, transforming and faith developing results of the Magone Project: Before, I was always rejected due to my many faults but in the Magone Home I was made welcome and recovered my self-esteem. They have restored the bonds with my family members and I learnt here that I’m loved and also how to love. In Magone I learn how to change myself, Don Bosco is the best thing in my life, he is part of my changed life. Thanks to Don Bosco I met Jesus Christ and I was also baptized; outside I didn’t know Him, although I was curious about who he... read more

Sixth Thursday of Ordinary Time

FRIENDS and SERVANTS of the WORD Thursday, February 21, 2019 WORD of the DAY Heeding the plea of the lowly, not scorning their prayer. Let this be written for the next generation, for a people not yet born, that they may praise the Lord. (Psalm 102) How shall I live this Word? These verses of the Responsorial Psalm of today’s Liturgy are a powerful help for our faith, called to become trust in God. clearly, the renewal of our heart in openness to hope is the promise of the continual renewal of praise to God for each day and for the generations that shall come. Lord, even here You make my heart new as I remember these Your Words of continuous encouragement every day. THE VOICE OF an Anonymous voice “For those who live like true Christians, the Word of God, prayed and lived every day, illuminates what we are and we are fulfilling in a continuous act of love that makes the heart and life new.” Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano 81, 00139 Rome, Italy E-mail: Website: Blog: Comment by Sr. Maria Pia Giudici,... read more
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