Fourth Sunday of Lent

    FRIENDS and SERVANTS of the WORD March 26, 2017 Fourth Sunday of Lent   WORD of the DAY  My Shepherd is the Lord, there is nothing I shall want. (Psalm 22) How shall I live this Word? Psalm 22 is one of the most beautiful psalms of the Psalter.  It is the psalm most quoted  in the Bible, in Church tradition, and the one that comes to the lips of those who have lost everything, become aware that in the end, we can only trust God who remains faithful in the darkness of our existence. There are many conversion stories  that can be told.  One is of a victim of his government, one of the ‘disappeared’ of his country in a dictatorship of some years ago.  He was the son of Protestants, a non-believer, a revolutionary, imprisoned.  After months of torture and awaiting death, he hears the words of Psalm 22 that run through his mind and come to his lips and allow hope to be born again.  Words that he remembers from his catechism classes and that God now uses to transform it into a personal revelation. God is the only one who guides him “on just paths because of His name.  Even if I should walk in the valley of darkness, I fear no evil, for You are at my side”. It is a prayer that God Himself put in his heart and now he could look at life and death in a different way.  God’s light guides us in the darkness and leads us to conversion. Lord, help us to see You in Your... read more

Powerful 30 Day Prayer to St. Joseph

Great for April 1 to April 30 to prepare for the May 1 Feastday of St. Joseph the Worker (or from Feb. 16 or 17, depending if it’s a leap year or not in preparation for the March 19 Feast) For centuries Christians have turned to St. Joseph as a powerful patron and faithful guardian, father and friend. Invoked as the Glory of home life, Patron of the Dying and Terror of Demons, Christ… Source: Powerful 30 Day Prayer to St.... read more
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