Changing the World | Best Advent Ever | December 21, 2018


Allen Hunt

Your deeply personal questions deserve deeply personal answers. The Gospel of John reminds us that Jesus is the Word of God made flesh—God becomes human. Jesus answers our questions. He feeds our souls, but he also feeds our minds.

From The Turning Point

So when you come to the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John, you get this really remarkable story where a huge crowd follows Jesus, and Jesus, all of a sudden, begins to think, “You know what, this crowd’s gonna want to have something to eat.” So he tests Philip, and he says, “Philip, where are we gonna get the money to feed all these people?” And Philip goes, “Gosh, even if we had 200 denari, we still couldn’t feed all these people.”

But then the apostle Andrew notices the little boy. The little boy, you remember him from hearing this story before. The little boy who has five barley loaves of bread and two fish. And so the little boy gives that to Jesus, and in a scene that’s almost like the Last Supper (when you think about it), Jesus takes the bread, he gives thanks, he breaks it, and then he gives it to the people.

John, the beloved disciple, says that five thousand men were there. Now, he may mean five thousand literal men, which would mean there’d be children and women on top of that. So thousands of people are fed with five loaves and two fish. And the most remarkable part of all, there in verse thirteen of chapter six, Jesus tells the disciples to gather up the leftovers. And the leftovers from those five loaves and two fish, after thousands of people have been fed, fills up twelve baskets. That’s an abundance; shortage no more.

Jack Beers

So in the last year, I’ve had two major life events happen. The first was really difficult: a close family member of mine was diagnosed with cancer. And I remember in the months that followed, just praying every single day for her and for her healing, because I knew that the only way that she was going to be healed—the only way that she was going to make it out—is if Jesus healed her. I also remember in the weeks and the months that followed her death, praying to Jesus, knowing that Jesus was the only answer, the only reason to have hope after such a difficult thing.

The second event in my life is that amazingly enough, I got engaged. I remember in the weeks that followed, people just congratulating me—no doubt because they know how amazing my fiancée is. But I just sort of accepted it . . . just . . . yeah, I am that great that I was able to snag such a great catch. But I had a spiritual advisor who really challenged me. He said, “Jack, it was so easy for you to turn to Jesus in the difficult moments of your life, and that’s great, but you also need to turn to him as the answer in the great moments of your life.” He said, “Rain or shine, Jesus is always the answer.”

Now, what about you? Do you believe that Jesus is the answer?

The Turning Point/Best Advent Ever/December 21, 2018

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