• December 16 2017 Pilgrimage Payment Deadline

  • Complete this block ONLY IF YOUR ADDRESS HAS CHANGED SINCE YOU FIRST REGISTERED FOR THE PILGRIMAGE. If you are registering for a number of members of an Official Group of the SF or of the Vast Movement or of a parish or Religious Community, etc., please note that below, in the box labelled "Registrants". Thank you!
  • Please list here the complete names and ages (you need list the ages of only those who are 18 or younger) of all whom you are registering, even if only yourself. WITH THIS PAYMENT, WE MUST KNOW THE NAMES OF THOSE PARTICIPATING IN THE PILGRIMAGE TO BE ABLE TO REGISTER ON THE WORLD MEETING OF FAMILY SITE. This list may be amended up to 30 days before the flight to Ireland.
  • Price: $175.00 Quantity:
    Please remit $175.00/adult No payment required at this time for children under 18 years of age
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