Ethiopia – Don Bosco flag flying high at Harvard University

Don Bosco flag flying high at Harvard University

Ethiopia – Don Bosco flag flying high at Harvard University

(ANS – Addis Ababa) – Yeabsira Tofik Mohammed, a grade 12 student at “Don Bosco Mekanissa”, Addis Ababa, has been admitted to the Class of 2025 at Harvard University. She is super excited at her achievement and was kind enough to give an interview for the “Don Bosco Bulletin” of Ethiopia.

Hi Yeabsira, what is your feeling at this moment?

To be honest, I still can’t believe this news that I have been admitted to Harvard University. It was always my dream, but now the dream has come true. I am really happy that I have made my parents proud of my achievement.

When did you start your acquaintance with Don Bosco School?

Well, I came to Don Bosco school almost 6 years ago when I was a grade 7 student. My father, knowing the quality of Catholic schools, wanted me to study in a Catholic school. My brother too studied in a Catholic school, at St. Joseph School in Addis Ababa. Later on, he too got admission in Columbia University in America and is currently working in New York City.

To whom would you attribute this achievement of yours?

Of course, first of all, my gratitude goes to God my Creator. Without His help, I am nothing. Then I owe a lot to my parents and my brother who supported me throughout the process. Next, come my teachers and in a special way Teacher Abebayehu Belete who was always of great help to me. Then I am also grateful to the CTP team who mentored me and gave me the necessary support and last but not least are my friends who have been cheering me on from the beginning. 

What makes Don Bosco School very special to you? 

The Don Bosco Campus is always unique. The diversity and the family spirit that exist here have never ceased to amaze me. Here you have people of different personalities and that always gives one a lot of exposure to many things. There is so much insistence here on your overall human development. I really like it. 

What will be your piece of advice for your companions and friends who are looking up to you now? 

As long as you are ready to work hard, achievement will be yours. It might take time to see the fruits, but you need to have patience but things will eventually work out.

Fr Lijo Vadakkan, SDB
Delegate for Social Communications

Source: Ethiopia – Don Bosco flag flying high at Harvard University

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