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23 May 2022

WORD of the DAY 

After she and her household had been baptized,
she offered us an invitation,
“If you consider me a believer in the Lord,
come and stay at my home,” and she prevailed on us.
(Acts 16: 15)

How shall I live this Word?  

Lydia certainly insisted on making Paul and his companion accept to stay in his house, they were convinced by these simple words, “If you have judged me faithful to the Lord.” By welcoming them she surely nourished her holiness, but Paul surely benefited spiritually. Many times, we are Lydia or Paul. We are Lydia when we invite people we consider close to the Lord, and we are Paul when we invite people who are faithful to the Lord, even unwittingly. When we are invited, do we refuse or accept? It is right to refuse when the invitation is aimed at feeding our selfishness through conspiracies, gossip or other, which lead us to infidelity towards the Lord. But when these dynamics are avoided, it is appropriate to accept because, even through movements of the spirit that escape us, there is certainly an exchange of holiness, a growth in faith. The other can highlight, with their behavior, some of our shortcomings in loving our neighbor. There is no love without relationship, even with people who are not temperamentally similar. This verse invites us to always be in relationship, not to isolate ourselves but rather to welcome the other in their complexity.

Lord, help me to accept everyone and enjoy their holiness.


“I like to see holiness in the patient people of God: in the parents who raise their children with so much love, in the men and women who work to bring bread home, in the sick, in the elderly Sisters who continue to smile. In this constancy to go forward day after day I see the sanctity of the militant Church. This is often the holiness ‘next door’, of those who live close to us and are a reflection of the presence of God, or, to use another expression, ‘middle class holiness’.”


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