March 7, 2021 

Third Sunday of Lent

WORD of the DAY 

When he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they came to believe the Scripture and the word Jesus had spoken. (John 2:22)

How shall I live this Word?  

It is the first of the three Easters of Jesus narrated by the fourth Gospel, Easter ‘of the Jews’. We walk towards His Passover: Jesus delivered for us and risen. The mystery of His body given (“destroy this temple, I will raise it up”) and His blood shed, dissolves all religiosity based on a ‘market’ mentality with God.  I give You this and You give me… It reveals as it regenerates, the bond with God made by the remembrance of the Word: “they remembered that He had said this and they came to believe.”  As for the first disciples, in the light of the Word read daily on the living body of Jesus, crucified and risen, everything in our life, the life of every human being, is illuminated with meaning..”

Lord our God, who in the body of Your beloved Son offered for our salvation, give us access to Your mystery of merciful and faithful love, have mercy on us and free us from any mercenary interest so that converted to the Gospel, we may become the living glory to Your merciful love, through Christ.

The Voice of  E. Balducci

The clarity of the word of faith is posterior to the act of faith, not anterior. We cannot have faith in words because we have understood them, but we understand them because we have had faith.

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