Feast of St. Agnes



Second Tuesday of Ordinary Time

Feast of St. Agnes Martyr

  21 January 2020

WORD of the DAY 

Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man,  not man for the Sabbath.  That is why the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.” (Mark 2: 27-28)


How shall I live this Word?

“The Son of Man is also lord of the Sabbath.”  St. Agnes was only twelve when she decided to give her life and virginity to God and was killed in Rome during the persecution of Diocletian.  She was young but determined and strong-willed, she knew well that the only Lord of her life was and would always be Christ, Lord of heaven and earth and of all created things.

Agnes was young but had clear ideas about what the important things in life were, the real priorities, what it is worth living and dying for.

She was young but felt like a Queen close to her King, the Son of man, Lord also of the Sabbath.

Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath, help us not to distance our hearts from you and to understand that You are the true Lord of heaven and earth, that You give meaning to all things and that in You we all live and are.

The voice of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco

However, to become a fire that burns under the embers of the good that is under the ash, you need to shine high, true, and beautiful ideals, for which it is worth fighting and suffering: you need to rediscover the alphabet of the human being that the push of colonization that comes from afar wants to destroy.


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