MAY 3, 2021 



WORD of the DAY 

I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE. (John 14: 6)

How shall I live this Word?  

In the big picture of the hour of Jesus’ farewell to His followers, to complete His journey from this world to the Father, there is a face to face. It starts from and beyond the small group of apostles, brings to completion a long troubled history of personal and community search basically moved by a single desire: “Show us the Father!” It is the history of the faith of believers, of each one of us, of the efforts, the nights, the hesitations, and the detours. But from all our wanderings, Jesus at that hour and forever leads us back to the Father, patiently converting our gaze to recognize in the flesh of the Son made Gift, the mystery of infinite love!

Lord Jesus, show us the way to the Father in the flesh of each of our brothers and sisters, show us the truth of His love in every solitude that opens up to take on the pain of others, show us the life that He gives us, in every death crossed in Your footsteps. You are the Living One!

The Voice of  Bruno Maggioni, Biblist

Thomas is convinced, like everyone else, that to know the way you must first know the goal you want to reach. For Jesus the opposite is true; when you know the right way, you reach the right goal. The right way is to follow Jesus. The important thing is to know which way; the goal will certainly be found at the end. Thus once again Jesus directs His apostles by reversing the usual way of thinking.


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