FORGIVE as God forgives you


March 9, 2021 

Third Tuesday of Lent

WORD of the DAY 

Should you not have had pity on your fellow servant,

as I had pity on you?’ (Matthew 18:33)

How shall I live this Word?  

It is precisely from how the experience of God, known through Jesus, delves into us, enters our conscience, and consequently the overabundant measure of God’s compassion impregnates us in our relationship with others, that the world around us changes. It regenerates itself. This is what happened in the Christian experience from the first generation, from Stephen who dies forgiving, onwards. And the experience of Christian faith itself is born like this, to seek God in truth, to seek Him in the awareness of being sinners,  and around us the world will change. Matthew absorbed from Jesus this fundamental certainty which he reaffirms in every way, and here too, “I want mercy, says the Lord, not sacrifice.”

Patient and merciful God, Who do not tire of taking the work of creation back into Your hands regenerating it with forgiveness, open our eyes, heart, mind so that we may know how to open up our whole life to the superabundant measure of Your mercy. Through Christ our Lord.

The Voice of  J. Pagola, Biblist

We see Matthew preoccupied with correcting the conflicts that might arise in the community of Jesus’ followers. He is probably writing his Gospel at times when, as he says, “the dawn of many is cooling down” (Mt 24, 12). We must return to Jesus. His Church lacks men and women who are willing to forgive like Him, introducing among us His gesture of forgiveness in all their gratuitousness and greatness. It is what best makes the face of Christ shine in the Church. Is not forgiveness the least that can be hoped for from those who live in God’s forgiveness and mercy?

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