During this unsettling time, St. Paul Inside the Walls is here for you! No one anticipated having to cancel and postpone classes, programs and special events. As the Center for Evangelization for the Diocese of Paterson, we work very hard to build relationships with you and to help you grow in the spiritual life. This is why we are partnering with FORMED, to give you access to thousands of movies, programs, audio, and books, instantly, for FREE.
FORMED prides itself on providing the best, high-quality, Catholic content from more than 60 organizations to help parishes, families and individuals explore their faith anywhere. By clicking the link below, you can sign up for free using only your name and email address—no credit card needed! It only takes a few seconds to register with the Paterson Diocese. We hope you will use this resource to help you persevere through this Lenten Season.
We encourage you to follow us on social media and to use these pages as a means of joining together as a faith community.

Sent by Caitlin Ferrari

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