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    1. When receiving the gift of a new child there are sacrifices every family must make. Time is a huge part to raise a child fully mentally and spiritually. When preparing to receive a new child parents are called to give them selves up spiritually show unconditional love and acceptance and openness for the child and to give life long protection children are precious gift from God

    2.A child is a human being of immense worth and may never be used for one’s own benefit consequences of this mentally results in children feeling unwanted or abandoned

    3.Distinct gifts from mothers and fathers: solid foundation of a family, show maternal and paternal face of the lord. Value of reciprocity and ablity to give and take.

    4. Adoption is an act of love offering a gift of family to those who have none just because a married couple cannot produce a child does not mean that the marriage is not fruitful

    5.To show the youth about family and how we are all connected as brothers and sisters.

    6.Ways the Eucharist enhances and challenges the lives of our families: reinforce desire for fraternity and commitment to those in need. Challenges us to look into ourselves.

    7. The elderly help us to appreciate the continuity of the Generation by their charism of Bridging the Gap. very often grandparents are the initiation of the faith to their grandchildren they help the children realize history did not begin with them

    8. In my life my grandparents took a major role in raising me, meanwhile my parents worked they were the first to teach me about st. John Bosco and how to pray the rosary, they told me stories about Cuba and what they had and lost, people they left behind and shared photos of relatives left behind or the had past.

    9.As a family in the faith we should provide support for those in need in our community experiencing a lack of family support in each of our parishes we can offer Aid to parents with children with disabilities or teen mothers letting them know there is a place for them in the family of Christ.

    Elena and Luis 🙂

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