Friday after Ash Wednesday

February 28, 2020

WORD of the DAY

Jesus answered them, “Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.”
(Matthew 9: 15)

How shall I live this Word?

Fasting means measuring the amount of food that we usually consume to keep us healthy. Eating while also pleasing the taste (in addition to the sense of smell) is not bad; however in this period, for centuries the Church has advised us to control our appetite that sometimes risks becoming voracious with a little penance.
Even ‘brother body’ needs to avoid slipping into consensus with the passion of the throat, which would like to dominate it. Balance and harmony of the person also aim to improve the relationship we have with food. When it is too little, it causes exhaustion and other evils, but when too abundant, it becomes a danger to the health of our vital processes: the digestive one above all.
The Christian today is informed by the media about hunger that breaks the helpless life of many people, especially children.
Therefore, leaving aside a little food, according to the invitation of the Church, becomes an act of charity and also of true participation in that universal fraternity that made Pope Paul VI say: “Every person is my brother and sister.”
Therefore reducing a little food, being satisfied with the less expensive one, makes the time of Lent a real opportunity to walk with the Lord Jesus on roads where a little renunciation and effort are an aura of splendid light: the one in which love dominates.

Lord, make me more fully attentive, more than ever aware in this time of Lent. Grant that I do some fasting at table and not let me feel it as an obligation, something forced, but may I consent to it happily in the ardor of charity .

The voice of Sandor Mcnab, Philosopher
It is harder to eat with moderation than to fast completely. Moderation calls for awareness. Renouncement asks only for the tyranny of the will. ________________________________________________________________________
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