Going Down to the Oratory

Check out the skit here:

Immaculata La Salle High School Skit for the Feast of St. John Bosco 2020

And the opening comment before the Holy Mass:

Today, we gather as one Salesian family to celebrate the feast day of Don Bosco.
Through his life, ministry, and teaching, Don Bosco solidified the principles of what truly defines
a home that welcomes, a church that evangelizes, a playground that celebrates, and a school
that educates. He intended to ensure that every young person was given the opportunity to
nourish and bring about the goodness that inherently lies within each of God’s creations.
Through what we call the oratory model, he combined the defining aspects of faith, family, and
fun to call each one of us to the Church in order to become more firmly rooted with Christ. As
we prepare for Mass, let us remind ourselves of the meaning behind the life of Don Bosco. Let
us become more united in the principles of our Salesian identity by gathering as one to
celebrate Mass and pray. Let us experience and establish a home that is inclusive of every
single one of us despite our differences. Let us be open to playing with each other in the
festivities of the day, and let us remind ourselves that we are part of a school community that
teaches us the manner by which we may integrate Christ as a part of our daily lives no matter
the obstacles that may lie in our way. As a Salesian family, we are ultimately united not only
though God, but through a love we have for each other. Let us spread this message to our
own communities, and utilize Don Bosco’s oratory model as a means for calling others to the
faith. With this goal and the help of Mary our Blessed Mother, we may ultimately be able to
transform the world with holiness.
Today, we will also be celebrating five individuals who are becoming Salesian
cooperators. They will establish a formal commitment to building upon Don Bosco’s legacy,
and dedicate themselves to the welfare of the youth under the guidance of the spirit of Don
Bosco. These individuals have confirmed their goal of bringing the Church to the young and
spreading the Gospel of Christ through means that encompass the oratory model. Let us
become inspired by their dedication to the model of Don Bosco, and strive to live our daily
actions and routines by the manner in which they have solidified their Salesian principles and


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