Helping Children be Life-long Readers in the Classical Style of Education

Before Austen Comes Aesop
“[A]n extraordinarily well-developed guide to young readers’ literature…Parents, librarians, home educators and public educators, indeed anyone who cares about the healthy formation of children…will recognize this book as an invaluable resource.”
— Michael O’Brien, Author, Father Elijah: An Apocalypse
Before Austen Comes Aesop The Children’s Great Books and How to Experience Them Cheri Blomquist
Before Austen Comes Aesop presents an in-depth examination of the Children’s Great Books, that is, the literature that has made the most profound impact on the lives of children throughout Western history. In addition to its invaluable chronological list of titles, from ancient times to the present, the book provides both students and their parents the guidance they need to read leisurely or study formally the Children’s Great Books at home.
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Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum Guide to Catholic Home Education
Home educator Laura Berquist presents a modern curriculum based on the time-tested philosophy of the classical Trivium —grammar, logic and rhetoric. She has given homeschoolers a valuable tool for putting together a liberal arts curriculum that feeds the soul, as well as the intellect. Buy Now

The Harp and Laurel Wreath Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum
Convinced that a critical part of education is to foster in our children a love of the beautiful and true, teacher and writer Laura Berquist presents this wide selection of poetry for every age level from grades one to twelve. Buy Now

The Heart of Virtue Lessons from Life and Literature on the Beauty of Moral Character
This book brings to life in an inspirational and memorable way what is at the core of every true moral virtue, namely, love. It presents twenty-eight different virtues and reveals, through stories that personify these virtues. It is a treatment of virtue that is both unique and original. Buy Now

The Catholic All Year Compendium Liturgical Living for Real Life
If you have been wondering how to bring the rich traditions of the Catholic Church’s liturgical year into your family life, this is the book for you. If you have no idea what the liturgical year is, but you are looking for ways to bring your faith home from Sunday Mass—in every season, all year long—this is the book for you too. Buy Now

The Poor Old Liberal Arts
This engaging memoir covers fifty years of a lifetime spent in education—from student to university president. The author presents a theme of profound importance for society in general and for the future of education in particular—the loss of the liberal arts in our time, and how to regain them. Buy Now

Another Sort of Learning
Noting the widespread concern about the quality of education in our schools, Schall examines what is taught and read (and not read) in these schools. He questions the fundamental premises in our culture which do not allow truth to be considered. Schall lists various important books to read, and why. Buy Now

Catholic Bible Dictionary
Catholic Bible Dictionary is an invaluable source of information, insight, and guidance for Catholics and others who are interested in enriching their understanding of Sacred Scripture. Scott Hahn draws from two millennia of scholarship to create an accessible and comprehensive tool for deeper and more rewarding biblical study. Buy Now

The Eighth Arrow
Odysseus in the Underworld, A Novel
The Eighth Arrow is a thoroughly entertaining jailbreak story. Full of allusions to great works of old, it is also gently educational, and as such it can be read as a guide or a companion to Dante’s Inferno and the works of Homer. Buy Now

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