Holy Mass from Don Bosco Prep 3/15/2020

Let us pray together as Church even if we cannot receive Holy Communion and may this inability to receive Him Sacramentally but increase our love and devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, longing for the day when we can again receive His Most Sacred Body and Most Precious Blood. Peace and health to you all. 
And let us heed the words of St. John Bosco, as reported in Volume V of the Biographical Memoirs in Chapters 9 & 10:
“ACCORDING to Father Rua, Don Bosco had told the Oratory boys in May 1854 that a disastrous outbreak of cholera would strike Turin. However, he had added: “Don’t worry. Do as I say and you will all be safe.”
“What are we to do?” they all asked.
“Avoid sin, wear the medal of the Blessed Virgin which I will bless and give to each of you, recite daily the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and prayer to St. Aloysius, and say: ‘From every evil, deliver us, 0 Lord.’ “…
Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Snow, and tomorrow we will begin one of the most solemn novenas in honor of the Blessed Virgin. The approaching feast of the Assumption recalls Her peaceful and holy death, Her glorious triumph, and Her power in heaven. I earnestly urge all of you to make a good confession and Communion tomorrow so that I may offer all of you together to Mary and implore Her to save and protect you as Her beloved children. Will you do that?”
“Yes, yes,” they replied in unison.
Don Bosco then paused slightly and concluded in an unusual, indescribable tone:
Sin is undoubtedly the cause of death. If you will all put yourselves in the state of grace and not commit mortal sin, I promise that not one of you will be stricken. But should anyone persist in his hostility to God, and, worse still, dare to offend Him grievously, from that moment on I can no longer vouch for him or for anyone else in this house.”
In addition, Don Bosco told the boys to take proper hygienic care and he himself made physical changes at the Oratory to make the possibility of contagion lesser. Further, he asked for volunteers from among the lads to go out to tend the sick. 18 volunteered immediately, following his own example.
True to his word, with all being faithful to proper hygiene, precautionary measures, and living a life free of sin, not one of the young men, Don Bosco, or Mamma Margaret or anyone else at the Oratory contracted the disease.

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