How to assist the 6 ‘Salesian Cooperator-less’ EAO countries?

Who will become the first Salesian Cooperator from Myanmar?

By Fr Bosco Zeya Aung

Nazareth House – Anisakan, Myanmar, 5 February 2020 — Even after 71 years of SDB Salesian presence in Myanmar (1939-2020) there are only four groups of the Salesian Family – Salesians SDB, FMA Sisters and Past Pupils of both religious congregations. We are still missing two of the original groups started by Don Bosco himself: The Association of Salesian Cooperators and ADMA (Association of Mary Help of Christians).

During the recent occasion of interaction of our young people (both young men and women, above 17 years of age) in Nazareth – Anisakan, the  quasi-parish of Mary Help of Christians, we had a good chance to once more gain some good insight in the Salesian Cooperator Vocation. According to  the statistics we are one of the 22 ‘Salesian Cooperator-less countries’ (the Association has not yet started) among the 132 countries where the SDBs are living and working for the young. Within the EAO region we are among the 7 countries where this beautiful Salesian vocation has not yet been born. We learnt that together with Myanmar there are New Zealand, Fiji, Laos, Pakistan, Malaysia still without any Salesian Cooperators at present time.

Both resource persons – Fr Vaclav (EAO regional councilor SDB) and Ms Boots Figuracion (FIS Salesian Cooperator) briefly explained some basics.e were able to watch the heart touching video from the Southern Philippines – Cebu (Magone House) and especially they entertain many of our curious questions, both during the meeting time as well in the courtyard of our house after this interesting event.

Here as some of the fundamental questions (on the photo you may see also the short answers).

  • Who are the Salesian Cooperator Association members (conditions, quality, age)?
  • What is the added value of becoming of  Salesian Cooperator? 
  • What is the basic life rule of the Salesian Cooperators?
  • How happens the Salesian Cooperators’ basic formation?
  • What is the Salesian Cooperator Promise and how long do you prepare for it?
  • Who is the Superior of the Salesian Cooperators? 
  • Who are the Salesian Cooperator delegates and their role?
  • What is the local unit – group of the Salesian Cooperators?
  • Who was the first Salesian Cooperator? 
  • Who are the holy Salesian Cooperators?
  • How can I live as Salesian Cooperators without a local center in my place?
  • How many are the Salesian Cooperators worldwide or in EAO?
  • How & when was founded the Association of Salesian Cooperators?
  • What is the Salesian Cooperator’s main mission? Takes much of my time?
  • Who are the Salesian Cooperators ‘of the SDB or of the FMA’? (attached centers)

Of course, one hour time is not enough to get all necessary answers to our question. At this occasion we realized that personal testimony and encounter with a Salesian Cooperator from other EAO country is very helpful and motivating. We dream, that some more Salesian Cooperators from other countries of our Region may visit us. And why not – also stay with us as Lay Missionary Volunteers – so our youth and lay people may have some model in the beginnings of this kind of Salesian Vocation in our country!





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