How to attract young people to Salesian Parishes

By Mr Chihiro Okawa, EXDBTokyo, Japan, 30 June 2019 — The 49th annual Salesian Parish Gathering was held on 30th June at Mikawashima Parish (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo). About 150 people participated from 6 Salesian Parishes in Tokyo metropolitan area (Adachi, Saginuma, Shimoigusa, Chofu, Himonya, Mikawashima).First of all, on behalf of the host parish, Fr John Bosco Namiki, SDB, the parish priest, said, “I warmly welcome you. As brothers and sisters of Christ, please deepen your relationships with not only people who you know, but also people who do not know well.”Also, Fr Provincial Jacob Hamaguchi, SDB, greeted them as a special guest. From the position as a Father of the Catholic order for youth ministry, he said, “although it has been said that the youth left the church, I think it is the church that has left the youth. The church is alive. Please think about what we can do for the young people and kids in our parishes, kindergartens, nursery schools and society, that will make us more lively with the church.”In response to the words of F. Provincial’s invitation, the participants were divided into 13 groups, and lively sharing of ideas was carried out based on the examples of each parish regarding how to attract the young people to their parishes,and the ideal way of mutual exchange of parishioners.A joyful party followed and the participants enjoyed some musical performances and homemade dishes from Mikawashima parish.Next year (the 50th anniversary!) the gathering will be held at Adachi Parish.

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