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INTERVIEW with Br. Nguyen Duc Nam (Dominic) New World Delegate for the Past Pupils of Don Bosco and the Association of Salesian Cooperators | Don Bosco Salesian Portal

INTERVIEW with Br. Nguyen Duc Nam (Dominic) New World Delegate for the Past Pupils of Don Bosco and the Association of Salesian Cooperators

RMG, Rome, 6 June 2020 — Through the Press Release by the ANS (Salesian News Agency) the Rector Major, Fr. Angel F. Artime announced on 5 June 2020 the new world level delegates for the main lay groups of the Salesian Family:

  • Fr. Joan Lluis Playa – Delegate of the Rector Major for the SF (VDB and CDB central assistant)
  • Fr. Alejandro Guevara (ADMA spiritual director)
  • Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni (Postulator General – Salesian holiness)
  • Br. Dominic Nguyen Duc Nam (World Delegate for the Don Bosco Past Pupils and Salesian Cooperators)

In the Press release, the Rector Major introduced Bro Dominic Nam as follows: “Bro. Dominic Nguyen Duc Nam, Vietnamese Salesian Brother, will be the Delegate of the Rector Major for the Association of the Salesian Cooperators and the Delegate of the Rector Major for the Past Pupils of Don Bosco. Bro. Dominic has a good knowledge of the European and the Italian context and undoubtedly he is a reference point for the Asian culture. My intention is to avoid a Europeanisation or Westernization in the animation of the Salesian Family; rather I wish to make it more universal, and also to best value the vocation of the Salesian Brother in its more specific characteristics, including the animation of the Salesian Family, in particular of the two groups within it composed mainly of lay people.”

We congratulate Br. Dominic Nam for his new responsibility and pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit that he may accompany our Past Pupils and Salesian Cooperators around the world with the heart of Don Bosco.

Br. Dominic (47 years of age, born in HCM City) made his first profession in Bathon, Ho Chi Minh City (1998) and spent his initial formation both in Vietnam (Dalat postnovitiate) and in the Philippines (FIS – Cebu: practical training; FIN – Paranaque: biennium for Salesian Brothers) and continued his specialization and mission in Italy (Venezia Mestre,Vatican: 2006-2016).

After his re-entry to Vietnam in 2016 he was in charge of the Mai-Sen TVET (Vocation training center: restaurant-hotel specialization) in Ho Chi Minh City, resident in the Ben Cat community. In the Vietnam-Mongolia Province he also served as Coordinator of the (62) Salesian Brothers and head of the organizing committee for the 7th EAO Congress of Salesian Brothers (K’Long, August 2018).

Last February-March he participated as Delegate of Vietnam-Mongolia province at the 28th General Chapter (Valdocco,Turin).

First interview with Brother Dominic Nam (Nguyen Duc Nam)

World Delegate for the Salesian Cooperators and Don Bosco Past Pupils

Ho Chi Minh

6 June 2020

How did you feel when the Rector Major called you for this service of Salesian Family animation?

My first feeling is to recall my experience when I made first profession: “Why me? Lord!” From that very first moment I have already dedicated totally my life to the young and to the service of the Congregation. Naturally, as human being, I see this task is challenging, but at the same time it is an opportunity for me to see the greatness and the wonder which God is doing in our Congregation. The challenge is big but God’s grace is much bigger. Today’s reading strengthens me: the widow put in two small coins, but Jesus told to his disciples, this poor widow put in more than all the other contributors to the treasury. So, “what we give” that matters. God, please teach me to give everything even the very little that I have.

How was your participation in the GC28 – some insights – deeper awareness, feelings?

My experience of General Chapter 28 is still fresh in my memory. I have seen, I have lived in the richness of our Congregation with the presence of the confreres from every corner of the world with different colors, different languages, different cultures and different backgrounds. But we are one in Don Bosco, in the Salesian spirit. The Holy Spirit is working in all our presences for the benefit of the poor youth. This is truly the ‘Master piece’ which the Holy Spirit has given to the Church and to the young through Don Bosco. It was so meaningful to celebrate the General Chapter in Valdocco to study the theme: “what kind of Salesians for the youth of today”. Our beloved Pope Francis also invited everyone and each of us to make a “Valdocco option”, to go back to the original source to scoop the purest water and to refresh our commitment to God and to the young.

Your dream about the Salesian Cooperators and Don Bosco Alumni?

My dream about the Salesian family is to continue to grow greater – being a big tree – for many more poor young people to take refuge. I would like to borrow the Pope’s words in His message to the participants of the General Chapter 28 to express my wish to all Salesian Cooperators and Don Bosco Alumni: “Those encountered by Don Bosco yesterday and by the Salesians today are not mere recipients or end receivers of a strategy planned in advance, but living protagonists of the oratory yet to be fulfilled. Through them and with them the Lord shows us his will and his dreams. We could call them co-founders of your houses, where the Salesian will be an expert in prompting and enhancing this type of dynamics, without setting himself as their master or even feeling that way. A unity, that reminds us that we are “A Church which goes forth” and mobilizes us for this: a Church able to let go of comfort zones, safe and in some occasions privileged positions, in order to find in the last the typical fertility of the Kingdom of God.” Let’s us take courage to go against the current and to be light, salt, and leaven to the world.

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