Judge Not


JANUARY 28, 2021


Thursday – Week Three

WORD of the DAY

He also told them, “Take care what you hear. The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you, and still more will be given to you.                                                            (Mark 4: 24)

How shall I live this Word?  

How easy it is for us, ‘little people’, to measure, calculate, compare, judge everything.  We are able to measure the time we give and that others give us, the number of looks and smiles that we make and that others give us. We are also able to measure the love we give and receive, and we are able to compare it, to understand who among us loves the most!  We know everything about the others, we catalog them and pigeonhole them in our judgments and from them nobody can ever come out!

We know how to judge and measure everyone and everything because we ourselves are the criterion for evaluating everything, the point of view from which to start, the weight to be adopted in each case.  But God asks us to change our criterion of evaluation, to no longer be us and our judgment, the rule of measurement, but He, the Lord and His mercy.  Because God is better than us, He loves us without measure, He gives us even more than we deserve and even when we deserve nothing.  God is a good Father and He would like us all to be like Him, because, as Saint Thomas says, whom we celebrate today, “it is the law of love, that the lovers be transformed into the beloved. If we love the Lord, we too become divine.”

Lord teach us to be like You in love, to imitate You in mercy, to be good to everyone, to transform ourselves more and more into You.

The Voice of  Pope Francis, Morning Meditation 20 June 2016

When we judge, we put ourselves in God’s place, this is true, but our judgment is a poor judgment: never, never can it be a true judgment, because true judgment is what God gives. And why can’t ours be like that of God? Is it because God is almighty and we are not? No, it is because our judgment lacks mercy. And when God judges, He judges with mercy.”

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