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Letter written from the heart of the Young People | Don Bosco Salesian Portal

Letter written from the heart of the Young People

Frequent question: What will I do with my life?

By our own correspondent

Valdocco, Turin, 16 March 2020 — After four weeks of intense work in Valdoco – Turin, there is a time to harvest the fruits of the 28 General Chapter. Without doubt the week-long presence of 15 young people from different Salesian settings around the world will bring many fruits. They were present in our commission work and in the daily life of the Chapter, including the successful soccer match. (NB: Young people won over the Salesians thanks to some imported SDB players 🙂 They had also chance to visit the main holy places of Don Bosco in Becchi (Colle Don Bosco), Chieri and Valdocco – Turin.

We are grateful also for the presence of five young people from Asia – two from South Asia (India – Mumbai and Guwahati) and from our EAO region (Philippines and Vietnam). We are grateful for their frank and open sharing in the personal encounters, in the Assembly hall, in the group discussions, during meal times as well in their final workshop that was concluded with their ‘Torino Letter’ written from the heart:

The heart. We have spent this week in the General Chapter 28 listening, discerning, and participating in discussion on what kind of Salesian for the youth of today. We know that we are not perfect, so we do not intend to demand that perfection. Please understand this letter like a son or daughter that writes to his father, to tell him what he is and how he feels. As a group, we focused on two questions. The following is the fruits of our labor…”

Main part of their letter is composed of two main points: What is the present state of young people today in our respective regions? and How do we want the Salesians of today to attend to the diverse realities of young people?

Their letter is concluded with a strong call: “Salesians, do not forget about us as young people because we have not forgotten about you and the charism you taught us! We wholeheartedly want to express this. Being here, we have made true a dream. In this special place of Valdocco, where the Salesian mission began, gathering Salesians and young people together for the Salesian Mission with our wills to be Saints together. You have our hearts in your hands. You must care for your precious treasure. Please, do not forget us and continue to listen to us.”

The wonderful Valdocco Pentecost days of listening are over, but we pray, that all Salesians are touched by this dream of Young people and we will continue to listen to our Youth with an open heart as did Moses in the burning bush at Mount Horeb, as Don Bosco taught us through his life witness!

Source: Letter written from the heart of the Young People

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