Life-Sharing: An attractive way of Salesian communicating

Short video clips ‘Life-Sharing’ by young Khmer Salesian

By our own correspondent

Cambodia Delegation, 2 April 2020 — “Follow me! – Like! – Share!” – You may receive many of these invitations on the social media networks.

We are pleased to find a recent (two-month-old) “LIFE-SHARING” Facebook pages of one young Salesian from Cambodia. You are introduced to these pages by: “Welcome to Life-sharing page! We are sharing our experiences of Love, Faith and Hope… However we are also sharing the morality of stories and values to all people, especially young people… May God bless you all!”

Among the 15 videos you may find topics like: How to choose your friends? What to do when you get angry? How do you love your friends? How do you love your parents? Why do we need to have a spiritual guide? How to find your precious value (not money)? What is the value of your life? or A message to young about love. What does it mean prayer, fasting and (alms)giving? What religion is the best in the world? How to chose a better life?” Each short video clip is usually 2-3 minutes long.

The editor and administrator (first year theology student) of ‘LIFE-SHARING’ speaks simply about the inspiration of this attractive digital Oratory: ‘Actually nobody told me to start this experience. I was just inspired by God and Don Bosco! I just started two months ago! – Thanks a lot for your encouragement!’

Fr Gildásio Mendes dos Santos, General Councilor for Social Communications (2020-2026), gave some comments on these video clips:

“I found these short video clips of ‘Life-Sharing’ very creative and well done!!

Very good and up dated contents, attractive visually, educative!!

I will share these videos with our Social Communication Sector Team.

I think that short videos like these, will have a good impact and will pass on the message.

Congratulation to Cl. John Nary for this good job!”

Source: Life-Sharing: An attractive way of Salesian communicating

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