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LoveEd helps parishes and schools empower parents to teach both the theology and science of human sexuality within the context of God’s plan for love and life. It helps young people discover the beauty and the purpose of their sexuality, which is fully articulated in Catholic teaching. LoveEd doesn’t just teach the facts of life, but the meaning of life.

In a society that promotes cheap, fleeting sex at ever younger ages, it has never been more important for parents to show their children the true meaning of love and sex, a meaning that far surpasses anything the world offers.

But actually doing this can be hard. At a time when young people are asserting their independence, LoveEd gives parents the knowledge and support they need to discuss what is often (but doesn’t have to be!) an uncomfortable topic and helps parents and their kids develop closer relationships.

By offering LoveEd, parishes provide a format to assist parents—the primary educators—to guide and inform their children accurately, fully and lovingly.


We created LoveEd so that parishes could give parents the tools they need to effectively and lovingly teach their children about the beauty of human love and sexuality. We want to help parents teach their children these crucial lessons and help them build relationships.”

– Coleen Kelly Mast
Author and leading Catholic expert in family life and human sexuality education

Bulk discounts are available for group orders. 
(For in-home only use, a Mom Pack and Dad Pack are available separately.)

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