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CSJ General House, Rome, 18 July 2020 — Among the 32 groups of the Salesian Family there are not many with their headquarters in Rome. Probably the last ones to locate their general house in the ‘eternal city’ is the Caritas Sisters of Jesus Congregation. Since their foundation in Miyazaki (Kyushu island, Japan) in 1937 until a decade ago their general house was located in Japan. The present address is Piazza Antonio Salviatti, 3 – Rome, Italy.

One fraternal evening of two EAO Salesians in the Caritas Sisters General House was enough to get the latest news, dreams and hope of this 3rd largest female religious congregations within the Salesian Family (after the FMA and MSMHC institutes). One year ahead of their General Chapter, scheduled for next April 2021 in Beppu, Japan, the Congregation is ready to deepen their apostolic consecrated life, characterized by missionary zeal and openness to many new cultures. Indeed one of the 3 topics for the 2021 General Chapter is about ‘intercultural relationships’.

The 927 Caritas Sisters of Jesus (General Superior Mother Teresia Furuki Ryoko) are grouped into 4 Provinces (Japan, Korea-Gwangju, Korea-Suwon and Korea-Seoul) and 2 Vice-provinces (Brazil and Peru-Bolivia). However during the past twenty years, after gaining Pontifical Right recognition in 1998 a strong missionary drive towards new frontiers is evident. The 6 circumscriptions are entrusted with many other new missions. Also this year three new missionaries have been sent to the African continent: 2 communities in South Sudan and one in Uganda (first aspirants of Africa!).

The province of Japan is reaching out to Germany, Italy (Rome), Vietnam and the Philippines (Santa Rosa) while the province of Korea-Seoul is reaching out to PNG (Port Moresby and Kimbe), Australia (Sydney) and to the Philippines (Quezon City) and finally the province of Korea-Suwon is reaching out to USA (California) and to Argentina (Buenos Aires). With the sisters coming from 16 different countries, the intercultural dynamics are really becoming more important. Although the majority of their 927 members come mostly from Japan and Korea, the faces of the new aspirants are already showing a global Caritas image.

Also the central portal – website of the Congregation in 6 languages shows the consistent effort to foster communion in diversity (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese). We pray that the 2020 Caritas Sisters of Jesus motto ‘May all be one” will daily be a vibrant Gospel-driven reality, mentality and attitude.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, May your Kingdom Come!

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