Meeting of Salesian Cooperators of Interamerica Region


Santiago, Chile – February 2021 – The “Fundación Don Bosco” of Chile continues to work for the most needy, especially in this time of pandemic. Thanks to the award of government projects, it will expand its offer of integral work in six new homes that shall welcome children and young people in situations of vulnerability. “Vuelve Casas Compartidas Domingo Savio” is a project that offers young people a transitory place for their social inclusion. There will be five houses that will allow them to live there, start their studies, look for work and achieve autonomy that will give them a permanent integration into society in Santiago. To these houses must be added the “Miguel Magone” Therapeutic Community, with 14 adolescents, and a residential system, which will be based in the municipality of Father Hurtado. Finally, the opening of a new program “Abriendo Caminos Mamá Margarita” is also planned with coverage of Santiago Centro, Central Station, Lo Prado and Quinta Normal.

Source: Fundación Don Bosco

Source: Meeting of Salesian Cooperators of Interamerica Region

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