Meeting on the Global Compact on Education: “Religions and Education”

06 October 2021
Vatican - Meeting on the Global Compact on Education: "Religions and Education"

Foto © Vatican Media

Vatican City, Vatican – October 2021 – On 5 October, Pope Francis chaired the meeting on Education with the participation of representatives of various religions on the theme ” Religions and Education: Towards a Global Pact on Education”. During his speech, the Holy Father Francis highlighted, among other things, education as a global initiative “to rekindle the dedication for and with the young people, renewing the passion for a more open and inclusive education, including patient listening, constructive dialogue and better mutual understanding,” and he invited everyone “to unite efforts in a broad educational alliance, to form mature individuals capable of overcoming division and antagonism, and to restore the fabric of relationships for the sake of a more fraternal humanity.” The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education on its official website, (

has presented three tools in five languages which will make it possible to concretely implement the Education Global Pact:


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