MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK, March 26, 2018

WORD of the DAY 

A bruised reed he will not break,

and a dimly burning wick he will not quench.

He will faithfully bring forth justice.

(Isaiah 42: 3)

How shall I live this Word?

The prophetic word of Isaiah fully introduces us into Holy Week with the figure of the Servant of Yahweh.  Jesus is the Son of God who embraces the abasement of a servile condition to the extreme consequence of accepting the death of slaves and delinquents – crucifixion.  What is most striking in this way of being is a power, which however, is the opposite of violence.

Here we have two eloquent images because they express a power that is one thing alone with the meekness of true love.  It is the image of one who is careful not to break the bruised reed and is ready to straighten it and support it.  Then there is the image of the dimly burning wick that the non-violent person is careful not to quench, but rather to revive it.

This is precisely what the Servant of Yahweh, the Lord Jesus, will be in the world to proclaim justice with the power of the truth lived and visible to all, but never with violent means.


Jesus, teach us Your way of witnessing and proclaiming justice in the today of this world that is sometimes full of words and imprisoned in interests dictated by egoism and selfishness.  Lord, our Father, repeat to us again today what You said through the prophet Isaiah, “I called you for justice; I have taken you by the hand” (Is 42: 6).



The voice of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Prophet of non-violence


As soon as people become aware that obeying an unjust law is contrary to human dignity, no tyranny cannot dominate them.




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Comment by Sr. Maria Pia Giudici, FMA

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