National Convention of Domenico Savio Club Animators


Chile – National Convention of Domenico Savio Club Animators 19 July 2017 (ANS – Santiago) – With 55 animators and assistants from all the country’s communities, the National Convention of the Animators of the Domenico Savio Clubs (CDS) took place in the Lo Cañas retreat from 7 to 9 July.The day’s purpose was to compare and exchange experiences among animators, to meet with each other and with Christ, and share the various positive approaches of the charism and the various forms of service of the CDS.During the meeting there were various workshops during which participants elaborated different paths, studied the Salesian Youth Movement’s Identity Card (SYM), the service of the Salesian animators … An evocative meeting of prayer was prepared and animated by young aspiring Salesians.Finally, the meeting made progress on preparations for another important event: the CDS Congress to be held next October.The participants gave a very positive opinion of what took place at this meeting and on several times the characteristic shout of the CDS resounded: “San Domenico Savio … I want to be like you!”The CDS are a SYM proposal for pre-adolescents and adolescents aged 10 to 15 years.Its purpose is to encourage club members opting for a Christian life engaged in answering the call of the Lord Jesus, and find inspiration in the model and figure of the Salesian saint Domenico Savio.This experience is developed in a family and community perspective with special emphasis on the sense of joy, responsibility in daily life, service, communion with the Church, attendance to the sacraments and devotion to Mary Help of Christians as instruments to embark on the path to holiness.CDSs were born in Chile in the 1970s in response to the need for a renewed pastoral and oriented to the human and Christian formation of pre-adolescents.

Source: Chile – National Convention of Domenico Savio Club Animators

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