Persevere in Prayer


JANUARY 27, 2023  

Third FRIDAY of Ordinary Time

WORD of the DAY 

You need endurance

to do the will of God

and receive what he has promised.

(Hebrews 10: 36)

How shall I live this Word?  

In order for God’s will to be done, it is very important to listen to Him, as we wrote on Tuesday again with reference to chapter 10 of the Letter to the Hebrews, but today St. Paul underlines that we must also be persevering, assiduous, constant. This invitation is not a prerogative of Saint Paul, who repeats it several times in his letters. In the Gospels, we often find the reference to perseverance without forgetting that the descent of the Holy Spirit took place in a community persevering in prayer (cf. Acts 1: 14). All the spiritual masters highlight this aspect, and what do we do? In life we are often caught up in so many problems, worries, etc. but if we want to do the will of the Lord, we must decide to dedicate time to listen to Him, not only when we need it or feel like it. We need an inner discipline that is sometimes undermined. Hence the importance of not living the faith in solitude. In order not to waste the grace of God, we must live it together with others also to support each other in perseverance.

Lord, help me in humility so that I can support and be supported to persevere in prayer.

The Voice of Pope Francis General Audience – 11 November 2020

Jesus has given us the example of continuous prayer practiced with perseverance. His dialogue with the Father in silence and recollection, is the fulcrum of His mission.  The Gospels also narrate His exhortations to His disciples to pray insistently, without tiring. The Catechism reminds us of the three parables contained in Luke’s Gospel that underline this characteristic of the prayer of Jesus (cf. CCC 2613).


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