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Don’t let worldly lies corrupt your marriage.

Over 500,000 copies of Plain Talks on Marriage sold!

Plain Talks on Marriage
Plain Talks on Marriage is back in print for the first time since the 1900s. 
Society has suffered the devil’s many attacks on marriage and family since the last publication of Fr. Fulgence Meyer’s work.
Sister Lucia, the Fatima visionary, even warned our times that “The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about Marriage and the Family.”
Today, every major issue attacks marriage and the family.
The Marriage of the Virgin
The Marriage of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph
As truth about the sanctity of marriage has been silenced, divorce has become rampant and same-sex unions have been legalized. Families have been severely injured by birth control and abortion.
The straightforward truth Plain Talks on Marriage offers is a solution to the evils of the world. It contains practical counsel and wisdom relevant for every Catholic married couple.

What’s Inside Plain Talks on Marriage?

Plain Talks on Marriage
Plain Talks on Marriage contains the antidotal truth to the destructive lies society proclaims about marriage and family.
Specifically, this book addresses the following:
  • Chapter I: Happiness in Marriage
  • Chapter II: The Nature of Marriage
  • Chapter III: The Purposes and Privileges of Marriage
  • Chapter IV: Sins Against Holy Marriage—Part One
  • Chapter V: Sins Against Holy Marriage—Part Two
  • Chapter VI: Sins Against Holy Marriage—Part Three
  • Chapter VII: The Education of Children
  • Chapter VIII: Husband and Wife
Fr. Fulgence’s writing encourages you to open up your marriage to the third and most important Person: Jesus, who is the foundation and center of every Christian marriage.
The Marriage at Cana
The Marriage at Cana
Fr. Fulgence will remind you that when the wine from your wedding feast runs out, Jesus will replenish your love to be far greater and sweeter than it was before.
Fr. Fulgence writes:
“Thereby our Savior indicated that He desired to be invited to every wedding of His followers; in other words, He wanted them to be married according to the laws of His Church, and in the state of sanctifying grace; and that upon their invitation He would be present not as an idle or uninterested spectator, but as the sponsor and guarantor of their marital happiness; so that in case the wine of their conjugal love would ever threaten to give out, or was actually exhausted, He could be counted on, provided they called on Him, to supply them with new love, which would often prove to be sweeter, stronger and more lasting than the first.”
What would change in your marriage if you and your spouse called daily upon Jesus to strengthen your love? How would your holy witness fight the lies of the world?
The simplicity and purpose of Plain Talks on Marriage is sure to help you discover the answer.
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Who was Fr. Fulgence Meyer?

Fr. Fulgence Meyer
Fr. Fulgence is pictured front row, second from right
Fr. Fulgence Meyer, OFM, was a noted retreat master and a prolific writer in the early twentieth century.
He was born at Remich, Luxembourg on May 30, 1876. When he was nine, his family immigrated to the United States, and he entered St. Francis Preparatory Seminary in Cincinnati in 1888. Upon completion of his studies, he was received into the Franciscan Order in Mount Airy, Cincinnati, in 1892. He was ordained in Rome on July 15, 1900, and died on November 14, 1938.
He contributed to many Catholic papers and magazines. He published twenty-seven books and pamphlets—over a million copies of his books have been distributed. By June of 1951, over 420,000 copies of his book Plain Talks had been sold.
The intimate and reverent tone of his Plain Talks on Marriage will give you frank, illuminating, and correct answers to the questions on marriage that perplex you, just as it did for couples in his own time.
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