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WORD of the DAY 

I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for the ones you have given me, because they are yours. (John 17: 9)

How shall I live this Word?  

Pray for me! How many people ask us to remember them in prayer and how many we ourselves assure of our remembrance! Because prayer is the power that saves and will save the world, the lever that grips the heart of God, the door through which the greatest and most unexpected graces enter. And we must have the courage, in our organized and ‘crowded’ days, in our urgent and very important commitments, to stop and find a space where the mind is silent and the heart throws itself into somersaults of joy in the arms of God. We must free ourselves from our schemes and our reasoning and rely on the One Who knows what is best for us, even before we ask for anything. We must believe that there is Someone greater than us, who loves us with an infinite love, and who has only dreams of beauty and happiness for us. We must be sure that times of prayer are the richest and most beautiful moments and that they are those that give meaning and answers to our life.

Lord Jesus, teach us to pray with abandon and trust of a babe in its mother’s arms and with serenity because we know that You listen to us.

The Voice of  Pope Francis, Jubilee of Mercy, 6 February 2016

Prayer is a gift of faith and love, an intercession that is needed like bread. It is the greatest strength of the Church, which we must never leave, because the Church bears fruit if she imitates Our Lady and the Apostles who “devoted themselves with one accord to prayer” (Acts 1:14), as they waited for the Holy Spirit.


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