Remember all the good God has done and does for you!


June 1 2023 Thursday 8 of Ordinary Time

St. Justin Martyr

WORD of the DAY 

Now will I recall God’s works;
what I have seen, I will describe.
(Sirach 42: 15a)

How shall I live this Word?     

This invitation to remember how the Lord has acted in our lives is recurrent in the Bible. The first great work, after creation, was the liberation of the people of Israel from slavery and already on that occasion the Lord invites us to remember (Exodus 12:14, “This day will be a memorial for you; you will celebrate it as a feast of Lord: from generation to generation, you will celebrate it as a perennial rite.”) He did not exhaust His works at that moment, but acts continuously in history and in our daily life. If we read the events of the world and our history with the Spirit, we will certainly remember His works and we can describe them to ourselves and to others by complying with what is indicated in Deuteronomy 6:12 (beware of forgetting the Lord). If we forget Him, gradually we distance ourselves from Him. If we remember the works of the Lord in us, we can live psalm 118 and our prayer rises to the Lord saying:

The Lord is my strength and my song; He was my salvation. (Psalm 118:14)

The voice of Pope Francis, Homily Sunday 14 June 2020

It is essential to remember the good received. Without remembering it, we become strangers to ourselves, ‘passers-by’ of existence. Without memory, we uproot ourselves from the soil that nourishes us and let ourselves be carried away like leaves by the wind. Remembering instead, means reconnecting with the strongest ties; it is feeling part of a story; it is breathing with a people. Memory is not a private thing; it is the way that unites us with God and with others


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