Resource – GC 28 – working document-prayer (SDB General Chapter 2020)


General Chapter 28

Valdocco-Turin, February 16-April 4, 2020


Working document for download


CG28 – Strumento di lavoro sul tema – EN.docx

CG28 – Strumento di lavoro sul tema – EN.pdf



CG28 – Strumento di lavoro sul tema – IT.docx

CG28 – Strumento di lavoro sul tema – IT.pdf





Report of the RM (part EAO region)

EAO-2019 Verifica sessenio 2014-2020 draft 12 ENG final.pdf

EAO-2019 Verifica sessenio 2014-2020 ENG-short.pdf


Prayer for the General Chapter 28 – Lauds and Vespers

Intercessions at Lauds

O Father, through our participation in the Chapter, you move us to renew in ourselves the apostolic courage of Don Bosco that is capable of embracing the whole world:

–       make us docile to the breath of the Spirit so that we may open ourselves, together with the young, to the grace of a new Pentecost.

O Father, through the Chapter you call us to a profound missionary conversion in our communities and in our formation:

–       grant us the grace of unity and an apostolic interior life so as to be able to discern the signs of your presence and respond promptly and generously to your will.

O Father, through the Salesian Family you have raised up a vast movement for the salvation of the young:

–       enable us to share the same spirit with laypeople within the variety of vocations and in apostolic and educative collaboration.

Intercessions at Vespers

O Father, through the action of the Spirit you dwell and work in the hearts of the young to lead them to beauty, goodness and truth:

–       grant that following in the footsteps of our Father, Don Bosco, we may welcome the dreams of the young people of our time and accompany them with wisdom and enthusiasm.

O Father, in Mary you gave Don Bosco the inspirer and teacher of our spirituality and mission among the young:

–       help us to cultivate an inner attitude of silence, listening, prayer, fraternal sharing and mutual respect in seeking the good we must do.

O Father, in the specificity and complementarity of vocations, you manifest the equal dignity of Christians and the universal call to holiness:

–       grant that the Salesian Family, in fidelity to the charism bestowed on Don Bosco, may carry out its mission of evangelization and education of young people and the poor.

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Source: Resource – GC 28 – working document-prayer (SDB General Chapter 2020)

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