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Korean Salesian Cooperators renewed website

By Mr. Choe Seon-Ho Ivo, ASC
Provincial Coordinator

Seoul, Korea, 31 July 2019 — Francis de Sales widely used publications for faith education of believers. De Sales is the patron saint of journalists and writers. Don Bosco also spread his ideas through writings and publications. Don Bosco is the father and teacher of youth, but also the patron saint of editors and publishers. De Sales and Don Bosco actively adapted to the development of social communication media in their time. Salesian Cooperators must adapt to the development of social communication media, especially for young people’s education, for their families and for the poor (See Article 2, Clause 3 of the ASC Regulations).

We are in the midst of a massive reorganization of our homepage in 2019. In 2003, we opened our homepage ahead of the 4th East Asia Oceania Conference. Korea is undergoing dramatic development in the field of information and communication technology. We have reorganized to increase the utilization of the homepage around 2011. Since then, however, the fourth industrial revolution following the convergence of information and communication technologies has accelerated, necessitating the reformation of the website.

Web-based homepages are no longer available. We need an app-based homepage. Now we can easily access the homepage on our smartphone. We will provide groupware in the homepage to all Local centers in the Korean Province. We will communicate with each other, between members, between Local centers, between Province, Local centers and members through the homepage. Furthermore, we will link our homepage with the world council, EAO and the Salesian family. It is also possible to conduct apostolic activities in the internet environment through various social networking sites.

It is important to create a homepage, but it is necessary to manage it continuously and make its contents richer. We created a communication committee at the provincial level, responsible for the reorganization and management of the website. The management of the homepage created in 2003 was carried out as part of one provincial councilor’s work. After the reorganization of the homepage in 2011, the provincial communication councilor was established to manage the homepage. However, it was not enough for one person to manage the homepage. So in 2017 we have created a professional committee on communications, and have been working on a reorganization of the homepage. Each Local center has a committee member. In addition to managing the website, the Communication Committee is in charge of public relations activities such as newsletters, and produced a video introducing the Salesian Cooperators.

We believe that the homepage will help the formation and apostolic activities of members, and promote the unity between the Salesian Cooperators. It also has the belief that this homepage will be a great help in saving the souls of youth.

New KOR – ASC websiteOld KOR – ASC website

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