March 8, 2021 

Third Monday of Lent

WORD of the DAY 

But he passed through the midst of them and went away. (Luke 4:30)

How shall I live this Word?  

Religious fanaticism, claiming to have the keys to access God on one’s own, kills prophecy. It is the experience of all prophets, already in the first Covenant. But Jesus overturns this logic of death: He makes it an opportunity to open the Word of salvation to all peoples. “He passed through the midst of them and went away.”  In this very dense symbolic expression, we see already profiled the opening of the Gospel to gentiles and the history of persecutions that make the Church of Christ take root and flourish in every foreign land.

Jesus, who in the proclamation of the Kingdom of God, immediately underwent the trial of mistrust and rejection, help us to mature in the Spirit the freedom of the disciples of the Gospel. You live and support us on the journey, now and forever.

The Voice of  Silvano Fausti, SJ

I never cease to be amazed: why did Luke begin his Gospel like this? This is the first image of Jesus the evangelizer presents: defeated, thrown out, not listened to, unwelcomed, and it is truly a mysterious scene. Here emerges the extreme freedom of Jesus who speaks freely.  He even  seems to provoke people a little by reminding them that there are other boundaries, other horizons, other interests of the Kingdom of God much broader. Jesus appears here as the evangelizer endowed with absolute freedom of spirit, with a freedom so profound that He gazes at the mystery of God and the whole world. This freedom gives Him from the beginning, a totally different prophetic stature: the stature of the one who carries Himself and His freedom around the world because He has the horizons of God in front of Him..

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