Saturday, January 5 2019

Saturday January 5, 2019

WORD of the DAY

We know that we have passed from death to life because we love our brothers. Whoever does not love remains in death. ( 1 John 3: 14)

How shall I live this Word?

Drastic is this Word of Sacred Scripture: both in the first part that affirms our ability to pass from death to life, and in the second part that threatens perdition, death.
The history, the whole history of humankind expressed also in the strong pages of literature, poetry, and art is anything but new, focuses on this truth: you really live, if you love. If you do not commit yourself to love, you remain in the putrid quagmire of selfishness that is death.
The year begins and as we listen to the most authentic voices of humanity on the way, we understand this: it is not so much politics, economy, the various structures with new arrangements against emergencies, cannot be all that reassures us and gives life to the flow of our days. Or rather: even these amazing realities are needed to improve life and can do so, if they blossom true, free, courageous from hearts that commit themselves to love.

Dear Lord, as this New Year begins, grant me Your gaze to look upon my sisters and brothers as You do, with compassion, caring, gestures of kindness and love. Help me put to flight my selfishness and self-centeredness and live a free and serene life in You, becoming Your heart and hands for others.

The Voice of Pope Francis
So let us tear down the walls of selfishness, let us sow a new sensibility that is attentive not only to one’s own personal good and that of one’s family. The new sensibility of the true Christian person also concerns – I would like to say especially – the poor, the lonely people, those released from prison, young people in disarray.
To be interested in them, with a heart made new every day by Christ, is new life, a promise of serenity for us and for all those we love.

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Comment by Sr. Maria Pia Giudici, FMA

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