Monday 20 June 2022 12th Week of Ordinary Time

WORD of the DAY 

Jesus said to his disciples:
“Stop judging, that you may not be judged.
For as you judge, so will you be judged,
and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.” (Matthew 7: 1-5)

How shall I live this Word?  

Fr. Oreste Benzi often said that persons are not their mistakes. Not judging in today’s Gospel does not mean turning off the intelligence of reasoning and avoiding condemning evil. This mistake would be worse than the first. It is called indifference. The indifferent is the one who thinks that since millions of others do their part, it is useless to do their part, so nothing will change, neither for worse nor for better. Indifference cancels responsibility and will, except to accuse all. The Christians of whom the Gospel speaks are responsible for their own acts and those of others. But you have to stop judging these. We cannot identify sin with the sinner, a person with their error; or rather, we must always give the sinner the possibility to redeem self from sin.

This means not to judge. Sometimes there is the risk that Christians, with their psychology of ‘Doctors of the Law’, extinguish what the Holy Spirit lights up in the heart of someone who stands on the threshold, who begins to feel nostalgia for God. What is really serious in the life of a Christian? It is serious to judge others with intransigence and hatred; it is serious and hypocritical to condemn others with force and severity because they commit acts that often the very one who condemns does in turn. It is even more serious if sinful behaviors become a means of blackmail, of power, of complicity, to the point of waging common battles against ‘others’ deemed as enemies. Whoever does not judge will not be judged; whoever gives mercy will get mercy.

Lord, convert our hearts to mercy in order to give our brothers and sisters a witness of Your tenderness and mercy.

The Voice of Plutarch, Philosopher

God is the hope of the strong, and not the excuse of the cowardly. We are all mixed up with weaknesses and mistakes: forgiving each other our nonsense is the first law of nature.


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