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Monday, February 12, 2018

WORD of the DAY  

Why does this generation ask for a sign? (Mark 8: 41)

How shall I live this Word?

The Pharisees ask Jesus to give them a sign, that He work a miracle.  But they do not know or want to believe that the most important sign is the very life of Jesus; that His words and His actions manifest the goodness and power of God.

Often, we too today want God to intervene in a miraculous way in our personal and community situations.  Faith is above all, trust in God who guides humanity toward final perfection.  Often, however, the journey is not very linear as we would wish or expect, but tortuous, because keeping in mind human freedom, God permits certain situations to exist for a period of time.  But He can never allow evil to triumph, because only the good fulfills truth and beauty.  The good is the efficient cause, while evil, the absence of good, is a deficient cause, it is missing something.

Help me, Lord, to believe that the greatest sign given to humanity is Your very life of love and of sacrifice for our salvation.


The Voice of Henry David Thoreau, Philosopher, Poet, Writer from the United States

Every change is a miracle to contemplate.  It is a miracle that happens every instant.


Institute of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano 81, 00139 Rome, Italy




Comment by Fr. Mario Maritano, SDB


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