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Reading spooky fiction in the Fall is as mandatory as listening to ghost stories around a campfire! But there is more to it for the Catholic reader—we know that mystery is essential to our faith.

God gave us winds and mists, harvest moons, and dying leaves as meditation on His mystical plans for our immortal souls. We stretch with the season toward what is beyond this world, preparing for the month of remembering our dead.

Our mystery collection will thrill you with the supernatural, without ignoring the deepest foundations of our faith. Enjoy 25% off* these exciting novels!

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Providence Blue

At his typewriter in little Cross Plains, Texas, Robert E. Howard created big characters—Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane, Conan the Barbarian—who shaped the art of fantasy fiction for generations. But Howard would never know it. On June 11, 1936, at thirty, he shot himself outside his country home. Why would he do it, and where could death have taken him?

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See No Evil

In the newest title from the Father Gabriel Mystery series, the detective priest is less than pleased to find himself the reluctant guest at a wealthy local family’s Christmas party. When the odious Victor Gladstone is found dead on the Martin estate the next morning, Gabriel is drawn into the mystery of which chattering guest could have wanted the old man dead.

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This Thing of Darkness

Hollywood, 1956. Journalist and war widow Evangeline Kilhooley is assigned to write a “star profile” of the fading actor Bela Lugosi, made famous by his role as Count Dracula. During a series of interviews, Lugosi draws Evi into his curious Eastern European background, gradually revealing the link between Old World shadows and the twilight realm of modern horror films.

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Dennis Cole and his three best buddies from childhood gather for a weekend reunion. On the first night, one of the men is murdered—or is he? A professor of engineering by day and a writer of detective fiction by night, Cole and the other survivors try to piece together the mysterious fate of their friend.

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A Bloody Habit

It is 1900, the dawn of a new century. For John Kemp, a straight-forward, unimaginative London lawyer, life seems reassuringly predictable—that is, until a foray into the recently Dracula, united with a chance meeting with an eccentric Dominican friar, catapults him into a bizarre, violent, and unsettling series of events.

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The Rising

When nine-year-old C.J. Walker touches the arm of his mother’s dead friend at her wake service and whispers the wish that she wouldn’t be dead, he’s just trying to do the right thing. But when the undertaker sees the woman’s rosary sliding off her outstretched fingers and tumbling down her raised left arm, the firestorm can’t be held in check.

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Father Brown of the Church of Rome

These ten Father Brown stories put special emphasis on the role that Brown’s Catholic faith played in helping him solve mysteries. As Dorothy Sayers wrote, Chesterton was “the first man of our time to introduce the great name of God into a detective story . . . making it deal with death and real wickedness and real, that is to say, divine judgment.”

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Father Brown and the Ten Commandments

This unique collection of Father Brown mysteries links tales by G.K. Chesterton with the Ten Commandments. The connection is often surprising, however—the criminal is not necessarily the worst sinner in the story, nor his crime the worst offense.

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