St Francis de Sales from a pastoral perspective: a cycle of 5 videos is underway

04 February 2022
RMG – St Francis de Sales from a pastoral perspective: a cycle of 5 videos is underway

(ANS – Rome) – Among the many initiatives that this year intend to help rediscover the figure of Saint Francis de Sales on the fourth centenary of his death, there is one designed for the ordinary rhythm of life of the Salesian communities. There are 5 videos lasting between 10 and 15 minutes, which are well-suited to the time usually used for spiritual reading and bedtime. They will be shared throughout the year on a bimonthly basis.

It is a project carried out together by the Youth Ministry of the Special Circumscription of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta (ICP) and the Formation Sector of the Salesian Headquarters with the technical support of the ICP Social Communication office.

Guiding those interested in this journey is Fr Michele Molinar, Provincial Vicar and Delegate for Formation of ICP, who for many years has been guiding groups of the Salesian Family to discover their charismatic roots through pilgrimages to the Salesian places in Haute-Savoie, inhabited by St. Francis by Sales.

There is a rich proposal of passages chosen from the writings of St. Francis de Sales, to which Fr Livio Demarie, of the Salesians of Turin-Crocetta, lends his voice.

In the opening of the first video, Fr Molina offers the correct interpretation to tune in to this initiative:

“Here we are in Valdocco to begin the five videos that will narrate something about the human and spiritual story of Saint Francis de Sales. We shall not make a biographical presentation, nor is it an approach close to a treatise, using his writings, nor will we speak of the historical and cultural context of Francis de Sales. There will be more in-depth studies into all of this. We present Francis with brief sections, starting from a pastoral perspective.”

“In this first video, we will say something about the man, the human being told in the light of God.”

The original in Italian was also made in voice-over in the other languages most spoken in the Congregation: video ITvideo ENvideo ESvideo FRvideo PT.

Those interested in the text can download it from the following links: text ITtext ENtext EStext FRtext PT.

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