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Thank You from Sr. Leslye Sandigo, FMA, SSCC World Delegate 2012-2020 | Don Bosco Salesian Portal

Thank You from Sr. Leslye Sandigo, FMA, SSCC World Delegate 2012-2020

To Mr. Antonio Boccia, World Coordinator of the ASSCC and his Council

To the Delegates of the ASSCC

To all the Salesian Cooperators

Dearest friends,

I greet each of you with feelings of great gratitude for all that we have experienced during my years as a World Delegate within the Association. It is a service that has helped me grow as a Salesian and as a consecrated person: the fact of sharing the charism with you, the laity, has strengthened my vocation and broadened the horizons of our common charism, a charism that becomes even greater and more fascinating when it is shared with others, beyond one’s own condition of life, culture, and social reality.

Receive my most heartfelt thanks addressed to everyone.  Still, I also want to personalize it so that it reaches the hearts of the persons whom I have encountered during this period of my life and in my mission with you.

            Thanks to Mrs. Noemi Bertola and the World Council of 2012-2015 and to Mr. Antonio Boccia and the current World Council because we have walked together as a ‘team‘, with the sole objective of the growth of the Association of Salesian Cooperators (ASSCC). That was a path that constantly urged us to go beyond our personal or regional needs, to grow in our sense of belonging to a world-wide organization, and to carry forward the renewal of all the fundamental documents of the ASSCC in the light of the Project of Apostolic Life, in collegial form.

Thanks to my dear Delegates for our mutual accompaniment in these years. Thank you because I got to know sisters and brothers at all levels of the Association who give their lives to animate it in the charism. This is a task that you have taken very seriously and assumed very willingly, even while it is still necessary to help our dear Salesian Cooperators be more co-responsible and autonomous in their decisions and less dependent on us consecrated. We always remember that Don Bosco wanted “Extern Salesians”, who could respond to society and to the Church with courage and charismatic passion as committed lay people.

Thanks to each and every Salesian Cooperator who shared your life with me in simplicity along these years of animation: I found in you men and women who are in love with Christ, with the whole of humanity, and with the Salesian charism. Thank you because you have given me the opportunity to enter your local, provincial, and regional Centers. The experience of fraternity that I lived with you in every encounter that the Lord allowed me to carry out, together with the richness of your cultures and your way of living the charism in your secular reality, will remain in me forever – as will the commitment to work together as Salesian Family.

I pray that the Association will continue to grow in its sense of belonging to a world-wide reality, with a broader and more intercultural vision. May you realize the dream of an Association that strives daily to be visible and co-responsible in responding to the needs of the most vulnerable youth and families and in the socio-political realm, as good Christians and upright citizens, according to the heart of Don Bosco, so as to arrive at sanctity.

I thank you for welcoming and receiving Sr. Carmen Lucrecia Uribe with affection.  She will live this obedience with great joy and availability. I ask you to accompany her fraternally as she gradually comes to understand the Association more and more.

I remain at your disposal and offer you my prayer for you and for your families during this difficult time that we are all living in the various parts of the world. May Mary Help of Christians protect you always.

Diriá – Nicaragua, 24 maggio 2020

With great affection,

Sr.  Leslye Sándigo Ortega

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