The Don Newsletter Sept. 4, 2020

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Fr. Steve’s Good Night talk:
The State of the Nation
By Fr. Steve Ryan, SDB
Elections are 60 days away. No election in times past was ever this dramatic or consequential. In the past the political parties had significant differences but the nation always had a more or less common direction – for the common good of America. There was some degree of unity of mind and heart. Not anymore. We have lost civility. It seems that we can no longer resolve problems civilly. Courtesy and modesty no longer govern human relationships. Virtue used to play an essential role in regulating society and keeping things balanced, but we threw God out of the picture and chaos has entered our land.

Unity of mind and heart as a nation is lost. There is a split in the nation about what it means to live life freely and fruitfully. There is a split in this nation about what the rights and duties of citizens of the United States are.  There is a split on a very basic human and very American philosophical understanding about the nature and purpose of life – living life so as to use our gifts and autonomy to better ourselves, our family and our society versus living my life for myself and seeking entitlements from others for me to live without responsibility toward anyone. The country is heading toward disintegration. The nation is polarized and coming apart. A real crisis is in the making.

How did we get here? How did we get to this point? Things changed significantly for this country in the sixties and seventies when social structures deteriorated. A cultural revolution took place in America. Like a tidal wave it blanketed the foundation of the nation, challenging all institutions, beliefs, morals and orthodoxies. The safety nets and guardrails that kept society civil and moral fell by the wayside. This revolution set in motion political processes, which soon mainstreamed what was radical 40-50 years ago.

It took a while for us to disintegrate into what we are today – but it happened. Those cultural revolutionaries of 50 years ago hoped that society would accept the changes without much resistance much like Europe did. But Americans are pretty tough and pretty savvy. So we held out for a while! The anarchists did not expect a majority of Americans to hold onto profound reactions against procured abortion, same-sex “marriage”, socialism, transgenderism, religious intolerance, mandatory educational curricula and even satanism. They were surprised by the fight we put up!

But they pressed on with their culture war for the last fifty years and the good folks began to falter. The good folks didn’t pray enough. The good folks stopped going to church. The Church itself compromised itself time and time again. Many bishops and priests were bamboozled and decided to be popular and conceded to the “new” culture. We traded in our Judeo-Christian heritage, for what? For what we have now?

Is it too late? Are we done as a nation? We are not! The unity that we used to have will only come back through God. I admit sometimes it feels hopeless. Presently American society is so polarized that everything is weaponized, politicized and radicalized. We need to pray. We can fortify ourselves and our country with the grace of God, the fire of the Holy Spirit and the maternal intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I’m not kidding – that’s our real hope!

This is a big election. Our decadent society is now faced with an anti-Christian agenda so forceful that it is RE-AWAKENING US from our slumber. People are waking up. Are you awake? We have ‘weakly’ pushed back for 50 years and are faltering slowly but surely. Let’s re-group! Do we have any fight left in us? Christians please – last chance – PRAY, SPEAK, MOBILIZE AND ENGAGE (with joy and love and confidence) against these attacks upon our values. These are important times, dramatic times, and we must not be intimidated by the dark message of hatred and class struggle. On the contrary, we must soundly reject it.

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