The Pope Video for August 2023: For World Youth Day

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Pope Francis, quoting Saint John Paul II, tells us, “If you live with young people, you become young yourself, and the Church needs young people.” Thus begins the video with the prayer intention for August, produced by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, in which Pope Francis responds directly to questions posed by a few young people. In his responses, he also reminds them to follow Mary’s example, who, “as soon as she knew she was going to be the mother of God, didn’t stay there taking a selfie or showing off. The first thing she did was to set out on a journey, in haste, to serve.” And he concludes the video with the desire that this WYD be “a seed for the world’s future. A world where love is at the center, where we can sense that we are sisters and brothers.”
AUGUST | For World Youth Day
“Let us pray that the World Youth Day in Lisbon will help young people to set out on the journey, witnessing to the Gospel with their own lives.”
“I would also like to invite you to join in the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, which spreads, also through social networks, the prayer intentions I propose for the Church each month. In this way, the Apostleship of Prayer moves forward and communion grows.”
Pope Francis
Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network
Be part of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.
Contribute with your grain of sand to build, along Pope Francis, a world where the human values that Jesus embodied in the Gospel prevail.
Your participation is key for making the world aware of the challenges humanity faces.
The Pope Video - August 2023


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