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St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that God always brings good out of evil.

Here at the Thomistic Institute, we’re taking that to heart. That’s why we’re launching our live streaming Quarantine Lectures. We’ll keep it going until the quarantine is lifted! (Schedule and details below.)

Will you join us? Click below to sign up for real-time live streaming lectures that will elevate your extra time at home. You’ll love the perspective you gain because of what you learn.

Sign up below and you’ll:

  • Gain a spiritual perspective on your faith, aided by the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas

  • Actively participate in each lecture: ask live questions by video or chat, join post-lecture discussion groups, and participate in instant polling, via Zoom.  (Or just watch on YouTube Live or Facebook Live)

  • Get regular updates and links for all Quarantine Lecture events

  • Be automatically registered for our live streaming Holy Week Retreat

If you register now, we’ll send you a free electronic copy of our new prayer book: Prayers in Time of Plague.  It’s a great spiritual aid for anyone looking for classic Catholic prayers from our long tradition of prayers in times of plague, sickness, and spiritual trials.

Know that we at the Thomistic Institute are praying for all of you, every day.  (Please pray for us, too!)


Source: The Quarantine Lectures — The Thomistic Institute

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